Early Successional (T7) Post Frost Biomass — Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)

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Post-frost biomass of plants and surface litter in the MCSE Early Successional treatment (T7) is sampled as an estimate of the minimum harvestable biomass for cellulosic biofuel feedstock production. Since 2008, post-frost samples are collected after the air temperature dips below -2.2 C or 28 F at least once. Plants are not sorted to species but are separated from the surface litter; both fractions are weighed separately, and reported by sampling station (S1-S5) since 2012 and averaged across stations from 2008-2011.

Pre-frost biomass values are from the non crop biomass and are included for comparison as an estimate of maximum harvestable biomass. The “Unsorted” category in this table is defined as the total biomass of all species plus the unsorted category in the non-crop biomass table. As above, ”Surface litter” is not included in the "Unsorted" category; values are transferred directly from the non-crop biomass table.

This datatable is part of the Primary Production of Herbaceous Systems of the Main Cropping System Experiment dataset.

This dataset contains the biomass data of herbaceous systems of the Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE), including Treatments 1-4 and 6-8 at the LTER Main Site (since 1990) and the Mid-successional (TSF) site (since 1993). Included are the data collected at or near peak biomass to estimate aboveground net primary production (ANPP). Systems with multiple harvests or with peaks occurring at different times throughout the growing season may have multiple measurements per year. See the ANPP protocol for sampling and measurement methods of these treatments.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: January 2008 to October 2021
Dataset: KBS019
Datatable ID: KBS019-023.152
Core Areas Primary Production
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/f9b2a038b8a7ad43a252587a84935f30
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Last Updated 2024-03-18
Variate Description Units
Year The year the sample was taken
campaign The name of the sampling campaign
pre frost sample date date of the pre frost sample
post frost sample date sample date of the post frost sample
treatment The Treatment sampled
replicate The replicate sampled
station the station within the plot that was sampled
species The species observed
pre frost biomass The peak harvestable biomass. g/m2
post frost biomass The harvestable biomass harvested after the frost g/m2
comments A comment on this data point

Data Excerpt

year campaign pre_frost_sample_date post_frost_sample_date treatment replicate station species pre_frost_biomass post_frost_biomass comments
2022 Post Frost Biomass 2022-08-15 2022-12-01 T7 R1 S1 Surface Litter 9.59 26.13
2022 Post Frost Biomass 2022-08-15 2022-12-01 T7 R1 S1 UnSorted 521.91 222.31
2022 Post Frost Biomass 2022-08-15 2022-12-01 T7 R1 S2 Surface Litter 15.76 56.04
2022 Post Frost Biomass 2022-08-15 2022-12-01 T7 R1 S2 UnSorted 671.47 237.94
2022 Post Frost Biomass 2022-08-15 2022-12-01 T7 R1 S3 Surface Litter 8.86 74.92
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