Soil Temperature - with Trace Gas Sampling — GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment

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Soil temperature measured at the same time as the trace gas flux sampling from static chambers at the GLBRC Biofuel Intensive site.

This datatable is part of the KBS GLBRC Trace gas monitoring dataset.

This dataset contains trace gas flux measurements from the GLBRC Biofuel Intensive and Scale-up Experiments using static chambers. Measurements are taken every two weeks during the growing season.


Experiment: GLBRC Biofuel Cropping System Experiment
Data available from: June 2008 to September 2016
Dataset: KBS062
Datatable ID: KBS062-003.57
Core Areas Disturbance
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
sample date measurement date
treatment experimental treatment
replicate replicate nested within treatment
soil temperature soil temperature

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Data Excerpt

sample_date treatment replicate soil_temperature
2008-06-05 G1 R1 19.0
2008-06-05 G1 R2 17.0
2008-06-05 G1 R3 17.5
2008-06-05 G1 R4 19.0
2008-06-05 G10 R1 18.0
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