KBS Herbarium Specimens — Research Context

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A database of specimens stored in the KBS Herbarium.

This datatable is part of the KBS Herbarium dataset.

The KBS Herbarium contains over 7,000 specimens, with emphasis on plant species and families occurring in southwestern Michigan. Many specimens include collections of different life stages. This dataset details these specimens in the herbarium. It also contains photographs of many local species and ecological information about the plants.


Experiment: Research Context
Dataset: KBS018
Datatable ID: KBS018-002.26
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Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/fe40216b41671b39f60b3a5389cea59e
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
family taxonomic family of the organism
genus taxonomic genus of the organism
specific epithet taxonomic specific epithet of the organism
authority party responsible for the formal description of the organism
common name a common name of the organism
habitat habitat in which the organism occurs
collection named collection to which this specimen belongs
collector person(s) who collected the specimen
collection date date on which the specimen was collected
site site at which the specimen was collected
phenological stage phenological stage of the collected specimen
township range section township range and section the plant was collected in (sometimes this info is in the site column)
site site the plant was collected from
accession id KBS LTER Herbarium accession number

Data Excerpt

family genus specific_epithet authority common_name habitat collection collector collection_date phenological_stage township_range_section site accession_id
Aceraceae Acer platanoides L. Norway maple I. Knobloch 1956-07-20 Fruit Grounds Gull Lake Biol. Sta. 1
Aceraceae Acer saccharum Marsh. maple, sugar Dr. Knobloch 1956-08-18 Kellogg Forest Kal. Co. 2
Aceraceae Acer rubrum L. maple, red George Young T1S; R9W; Sec. 8 N. W. shore Wintergreen Lake 3
Aceraceae Acer rubrum L. maple, red Dr. Knobloch 1956-07-03 Kellogg Forest Kal. Co. 4
Aceraceae Acer saccharinum L. maple, silver James-J.C. Elliott 1954-07-08 Kalamazoo County: Ross Twp.; T1S, R9W, Sec. 22, SE 1/4 Kellogg Forest 5
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