Lake Water Chemistry

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Lake water chemistry measured at the outflow of Tamarack Lake.

This datatable is part of the Water Chemistry in Streams, Lakes Wetlands and Groundwater near the KBS LTER dataset. Water chemistry is measured in diverse surface waters and in two water supply wells in the vicinity of the KBS LTER. This dataset includes sites sampled over time (streams, wells, some wetlands) as well as wetland sites sampled once or a few times. A separate dataset includes soil water chemistry sampled from the LTER treatments.


Experiment: Aquatic Studies
Data available from: June 1996 to January 2016
Dataset: KBS047
Datatable ID: KBS047-002.43
Core Areas Inorganic Nutrients
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
sample date Sample date
site Sample site
sampliong point Sample point
latitude Latitude of the sample point degree
longitude Longitude of the sample point degree
Ca-AA Ca measured by Atomic Absorption in mg/L mg/L
Mg-AA Mg measured by Atomic Absorption in mg/L mg/L
Na-AA Na measured by Atomic Absorption in mg/L mg/L
K-AA K measured by Atomic Absorption in mg/L mg/L
NO3-N NO3-N in mg/L mg/L
Alkal Total_Alkalinity in ueq/L µEq/L
Cl Cl in mg/L mg/L
SO4 SO4 in mg/L mg/L
NH4-N NH4-N in ug/L µg/L
PO4-P PO4-P in ug/L µg/L
DOC DOC: Shimadzu NPOC, <2005 Ionics DOC Analyzer in mg/L mg/L
Cnd-L SpecificConductanceLab in uS/cm µS/cm
TDP TDP in ug/L µg/L
TP TotalP in ug/L µg/L
Si Silica-Si in mg/L mg/L
Ca-IC Ca measured by ion chromatography in mg/L mg/L
Mg-IC Mg measured by ion chromatography in mg/L mg/L
Na-IC Na measured by ion chromatography in mg/L mg/L
K-IC K measured by ion chromatography in mg/L mg/L
Cnd-F SpecificConductanceField in uS/cm µS/cm
O2% OxygenSaturation dimensionless
O2 OxygenConcentration in mg/L mg/L
Discharge Discharge in L/s liters/second
TSS Total Particulate Matter in mg/L mg/L

Data Excerpt

sample_date sampling_point site latitude longitude Ca-AA Mg-AA Na-AA K-AA NO3-N Alkal Cl SO4 NH4-N PO4-P DOC Cnd-L TDP TP Si Ca-IC Mg-IC Na-IC K-IC Cnd-F O2% O2 Discharge TSS
2016-01-25 outflow Tamarack Lake 3.50938 497.9 84.1 11.37 65.3333 3.37423
2015-06-23 outflow Tamarack Lake 5.71606 6.45515 364.3 111.6 8.94 291.176 3.06748
2014-10-27 outflow Tamarack Lake 0.278139 12.0589 11.9838 119.254 1.92668 4.73417 74.2715 22.6305 4.6965 1.30901 483.8 80.2 8.7 36.75 0.611621
2014-03-10 outflow Tamarack Lake 5488.74 145.11 2.08225 2.11103 565.0 5.15265 525.9 45.9 6.22 40.1852 0.0
2014-03-10 outflow Tamarack Lake 0.620402 4526.23 10.6898 14.4722 15.8944 0.70207 3.71304 462.0 3.15807 444.2 120.6 12.07 106.154 2.76923
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