Annual Crops and Alfalfa Biomass

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Biomass clipped at ground level for LTER Main Site treatments 1-4 and 6. Weeds encountered during the crop harvest are reported in

This datatable is part of the Annual Net Primary Production on the Main Cropping System Experiment dataset. Aboveground annual net primary production (ANPP) has been measured on the LTER main site since 1990 and on the successional and forested sites since 1993. ANPP is measured at peak biomass for a given treatment. In some systems with multiple harvests or complex communities that have peaks occurring at different times of the year, measurements are taken at multiple times per year. Additional ANPP measurements are made where appropriate using leaf litter traps, estimates of diameter from tree basal diameter and for the poplar treatment occasional destructive harvests. See the ANPP protocol for descriptions of the sampling and measurement methods for each of the treatments.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: January 1990 to January 2018
Dataset: KBS019
Datatable ID: KBS019-003.85
Core Areas Primary Production,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2020-04-14
Variate Description Units
Year year of the growing season relevant for the sample
Campaign a major multi-year research activity with a discreet purpose
Date date on which sampling occured
Treatment main experimental treatment
Replicate replicate block, nested within treatment
Station replicate station, nested within block
Species crop species collected
Fraction a specified component of total plant (or sample) biomass
Biomass dry mass of sampled material per square meter g/m2

Data Excerpt

year campaign date treatment replicate station species fraction biomass
2018 Harvest 2018-10-18 T4 R4 S2 Glycine max L. (*) SEED 314.25
2018 Harvest 2018-10-18 T4 R4 S2 Glycine max L. (*) WHOLE 721.96
2018 Harvest 2018-10-18 T4 R4 S1 Glycine max L. (*) SEED 385.89
2018 Harvest 2018-10-18 T4 R4 S1 Glycine max L. (*) WHOLE 865.81
2018 Harvest 2018-10-18 T4 R4 S3 Glycine max L. (*) SEED 355.92
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