Diffusion of SF6 and N2O Tracers — Resource Gradient Experiment

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Concentrations of SF6 and N2O tracer gases over time after injection during summer and fall of 2012. Experiments always started at 10:30-11:00 am on the day indicated. Plots were located in Block 1 of Resource Gradient Experiment with 56 and 74 kg N/ha in rainfed plots and 37 and 93 kg N/ha in irrigated plots designated as T1-T4, respectively.

This datatable is part of the Trace gas movement in the soil profile dataset.

The distribution of trace gasses in the soil profile was investigated using tracer and monitoring techniques. This data is part of Iurii Shcherbak thesis work.


Experiment: Resource Gradient Experiment
Data available from: June 2012 to November 2012
Dataset: KBS102
Datatable ID: KBS102-001.7
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/a5c5d07c3d23e9744d383c1d1d6812b8
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
operation injection or measurement
injected compound the compound that was injected into the soil
date the date of the experiment
time Time from the beginning of the experiment (usually close to 11 am) on the day
time id Consecutive sample time designator (T0, T1, etc)
treatment treatment name
replicate replicate sample location in the plot
injection depth depth of the trace injection below the surface
sample depth sampling depth below the surface
sf6 signal SF6 signal (chromatogram area) mV
sf6 proportion proportion of the sf6 divided by the total signal for all gases combined mV/mV
n2o signal N2O signal (chromatogram area) mV
n2o proportion proportion of combined signal for sample assigned to N2O mV/mV
ch4 signal CH4 signal (chromatogram area) mV
co2 signal CO2 signal (chromatogram area) mV

Data Excerpt

operation injected_compound date time time_id treatment replicate injection_depth sample_depth sf6_signal sf6_proportion n2o_signal n2o_proportion ch4_signal co2_signal
injection n2o 2012-06-20 0.0 T1 36.0 30.0
injection n2o 2012-06-20 0.82 T1 60.0 50.0
injection n2o 2012-06-20 4.09 T1 90.0 75.0
injection n2o 2012-06-20 2.45 T2 36.0 30.0
injection n2o 2012-06-20 1.64 T2 60.0 50.0
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