Daily nitrous oxide fluxes in response to nitrogen fertilizer — Regional Studies

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Nitrous oxide fluxes where measured from fields receiving multiple rates of fertilizer application to estimate the total nitrous oxide released as a function of fertilization.

This datatable is part of the Non linear nitrous oxide response to nitrogen fertilizer dataset. A compilation of data from John Hoben’s thesis work.

Six rates of nitrogen fertilizer (0-225 kg N ha-1) were broadcast and incorporated prior to planting on commercially farmed fields in Michigan at four farms and one experiment station. All sites were planted to corn and studied in 2007 and 2008.

Site abbreviations are as follows: Kellogg Biological Station, KB; Mason, MA; Stockbridge, SB; Fairgrove, T1; Reese, T2.

Please refer to the thesis (2009) and primary publication (2010) for additional information.

Hoben, J. P.; Gehl, R. J.; Millar, N.; Grace, P. R.; Robertson, G. P., Nonlinear nitrous oxide (N2O) response to nitrogen fertilizer in on-farm corn crops of the US Midwest. Global Change Biology 2010, 17(2), 1140-1152.

Hoben, J. P. 2009. On-farm nitrous oxide (N2O) response to nitrogen fertilizer in corn cropping systems. MS Thesis, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA.


Experiment: Regional Studies
Data available from: April 2007 to November 2008
Dataset: KBS106
Datatable ID: KBS106-001.5
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/66e33447ec571a11121d63e06b082fd9
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
sample date sample date
site a short code designating the sample site
treatment the fertilizer treatment (the amount of fertilizer applied in lb/ac) kg/ha
block the experimental block
plot the experimental plot designation
grams ha day the N2O-N flux g/ha/day

Data Excerpt

sample_date site treatment block plot grams_ha_day
2007-05-19 KB 0 1 101 0.7
2007-05-19 KB 0 2 204 1.0
2007-05-19 KB 0 3 305 1.9
2007-05-19 KB 0 4 402 1.5
2007-05-19 KB 45 1 106 0.7
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