Plant CN content in T7

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Total carbon and nitrogen content on the T7 treatment. This table is a compilation of the harvested biomass ( and the CN Tissue Chemistry (

This datatable is part of the Plant Carbon and Nitrogen Content dataset. This dataset includes total carbon and total nitrogen measured for plants from the LTER Main Site and the Successional and Forested sites. Total C and N are analyzed at peak biomass for a given treatment. In some systems with multiple harvests or complex communities that have peaks occurring at different times of the year, measurements are taken at multiple times per year. Samples are combusted and measured on a CHN analyzer.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: January 1992 to January 2014
Dataset: KBS029
Datatable ID: KBS029-002.30
Core Areas Primary Production
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Last Updated 2018-02-16
Variate Description Units
year the sample year
treatment the treatment sampled
replicate the plot replicate sampled
station the station that was sampled
species the species sampled
biomass the amount of dry biomass of the species that was harvested g/m2
percent c the percent of carbon in the dry biomass %
percent n the percent of nitrogen in the dry biomass %
c the amount of carbon in the biomass g/m2
n the amount of nitrogen in the biomass g/m2

Data Excerpt

year treatment replicate station species biomass percent_c percent_n c n
2016.0 T7 R1 S1 Aggregate of live biomass except for the top 3 species which are analysed sepearately 193.94 43.433 0.965 84.234 1.872
2016.0 T7 R1 S1 Phleum pratense L. 55.16 43.883 0.588 24.206 0.324
2016.0 T7 R1 S1 Solidago canadensis L. 141.47 43.789 1.016 61.948 1.437
2016.0 T7 R1 S1 Surface Litter 44.34 36.004 1.161 15.964 0.515
2016.0 T7 R1 S2 Aggregate of live biomass except for the top 3 species which are analysed sepearately 234.65 43.433 0.965 101.916 2.264
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