Poplar Stand Counts

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To document the survival rate of the poplar plantation, a census was taken to determine the number of trees that remained alive. All trees were counted. Tree damage was recorded when extensive.

This datatable is part of the Poplar Biomass by Allometric Equations dataset. Poplars are grown as cellulose crop at the Main Cropping System Experiment. The first rotation was planted at a stocking density of 1 tree per 2 square meter. After the first harvest the trees were allowed to coppice. After the second harvest the trees were replanted. The third rotation was planted at 1 tree per 3.6 square meter. For the first two rotations the species planted was Populus nigra x P. deltoids hybrid for the third rotation it is Populus nigra x P. maximowiczii.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: April 2012 to May 2012
Dataset: KBS094
Datatable ID: KBS094-001.48
Core Areas Populations
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/11813b609a26b343cced93805b25a98b
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
site the sample site
sample date the date the poplar trees were counted
treatment the treatment sampled
replicate the replicate sampled
row the poplar row. counting from (east to west
alive the number of trees in the row that were alive number
dead the number of trees in the row that were dead number
absent the number of trees in the row that were missing number
comment comment

Data Excerpt

site sample_date treatment replicate row alive dead absent comments
LTER Mainsite 2012-04-27 T5 R1 1 64 0 4
LTER Mainsite 2012-04-27 T5 R1 2 69 0 0
LTER Mainsite 2012-04-27 T5 R1 3 68 0 1
LTER Mainsite 2012-04-27 T5 R1 4 67 0 1
LTER Mainsite 2012-04-27 T5 R1 5 69 0 0
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