Cumulative winter N2O fluxes from the snow manipulation study

Cumulative winter fluxes. Derived from

This datatable is part of the Snow manipulation experiment, effect on soil trace gas production dataset. This dataset contains data from Leilei Ruan’s thesis work focused the effect of winter thaws and snow cover on soil N2O fluxes.


Experiment: Resource Gradient Experiment
Data available from: December 2010 to March 2013
Dataset: KBS119
Datatable ID: KBS119-006.79
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Last Updated 2017-01-26
Variate Description Units
year the year the winter ended
treatment the treatment (no-snow ambient-snow or double-snow)
replicate the replicate chamber
n2o n the cumulative N2O_N flux g/ha

Data Excerpt

year treatment replicate n2o_n
2011 no-snow R1 265.947
2012 no-snow R1 115.424
2013 no-snow R1 205.056
2011 double-snow R1 135.499
2012 double-snow R1 82.8769
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