Gull Lake long-term Microcystis monitoring — Aquatic Studies

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This datatable is part of the Gull Lake long-term Microcystis monitoring dataset.

This dataset consists of 13 years of observations of Microcystis biomass and microcystin in an oligotrophic lake (Gull Lake, MI, USA), where it is promoted by invasive zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha). Annual means are reported for all variables. As originally published, the data were used to assess the influence of interannual variation in water temperature and zebra mussel mortality on Microcystis dynamics in an oligotrophic lake


Experiment: Aquatic Studies
Data available from: January 1998 to January 2014
Dataset: KBS121
Datatable ID: KBS121-001.19
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
site lake sampled
year year of observation
mussel presence Dreissena polymorpha presence (P) / absence (A) on littoral substrata
prevmort Dreissena polymorpha proportional mortality during the previous summer
degree days above 15c degree days above 15C; Microcystis growing season index
biomass ug l mean mixed layer Microcystis dry biomass, ug/L µg/L
log biomass mean mixed layer Microcystis dry biomass, ug/L, log transformed
proportion arcsine squared mean Microcystis relative abundance, arcsine-squareroot transformed
peak biomass day of year day of year of maximum Microcystis biomass
microcystin ug l mean mixed layer particulate microcystin, ug/L µg/L

Data Excerpt

site year mussel_presence prevmort degree_days_above_15c biomass_ug_l log_biomass proportion_arcsine_squared peak_biomass_day_of_year microcystin_ug_l
Gull Lake 1998 P 0.05 957.0 10.8 1.03 0.24 224
Gull Lake 2000 P 0.37 794.0 2.5 0.39 0.1 228
Gull Lake 2001 P 0.01 870.0 18.5 1.27 0.27 220
Gull Lake 2005 P 0.02 954.0 18.8 1.27 0.41 207 0.34
Gull Lake 2006 P 0.59 886.0 7.4 0.87 0.22 227 0.02
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