Reptile Species List — Research Context

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A list of reptiles occurring on or near the W. K. Kellogg Biological Station.

This datatable is part of the Biodiversity Lists from a Southwest Michigan Landscape dataset.

This dataset includes terrestrial and aquatic species lists for ecosystems within or near the W. K. Kellogg Biological Station. See also KBS Insect Collections (Dataset KBS025) and KBS Herbarium (Dataset KBS018).


Experiment: Research Context
Dataset: KBS022
Datatable ID: KBS022-009.32
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
family taxonomic family of the organism
genus taxonomic genus of the organism
specific epithet taxonomic specific epithet of the organism
common name a common name of the organism
contributors person(s) contributing this organism to this list

Data Excerpt

family genus specific_epithet common_name contributors
Chelydridae Chelydra serpentina snapping turtle Tom Getty
Colubridae Coluber constrictor foxi blue racer Tom Getty
Colubridae Heterodon platyrhinos eastern hognose snake Tom Getty
Colubridae Lampropeltis soliata triangulum milk snake Tom Getty
Colubridae Natrix s.sipedon water snake Tom Getty
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