corner points in the REX experiment — Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)

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corner points for the shelters and microplots in the REX experiment

This datatable is part of the REX experiment dataset. data related to the Rain EXclusion experiment


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Dataset: KBS139
Datatable ID: KBS139-001.13
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Last Updated 2023-02-03
Variate Description Units
plot the experimental plot
footprint location the footprint location number west to east starting at 1.
point type the type of point
wkt geometry the point coordinates as well known text (WKT)

Data Excerpt

plot footprint_location point_type wkt_geometry
T3R1 center SRID=4326;MULTIPOINT(-85.37163599610287 42.409165094520006 0)
T3R1 center SRID=4326;MULTIPOINT(-85.37174708646411 42.409163930205374 0)
T3R1 center SRID=4326;MULTIPOINT(-85.37185817682459 42.40916276578298 0)
T3R1 center SRID=4326;MULTIPOINT(-85.37196926718431 42.40916160125281 0)
T3R1 center SRID=4326;MULTIPOINT(-85.37208035754327 42.409160436614876 0)
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