Bulk density of Biodiversity Study — Biodiversity Gradient Experiment

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Bulk density data of the LTER Biodiversity Study

This datatable is part of the Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Deep Core Surveys dataset. An LTER project goal is to periodically collect and analyze deep soil cores for the main site treatments and successional and forest sites. Soil is sampled to a depth of one meter, and analyzed for horizon depths, texture, moisture, and carbon and nitrogen content.


Experiment: Biodiversity Gradient Experiment
Data available from: January 2020 to December 2020
Dataset: KBS044
Datatable ID: KBS044-003.60
Core Areas Inorganic Nutrients
Repository link: http://doi.org/10.6073/pasta/8c9f759d32699902d88c7b5d607fb2f7
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Last Updated 2021-08-20
Variate Description Units
sample date sample of soil sampling
location sampling location
description pre-2020 crop history
actual top depth actual top depth of sampling centimeter
actual bottom depth actual bottom depth of soil sampling centimeter
soil volume soil volume of sampling cm^3
rocks weight weight of rocks greater than 4 mm gram
bulk density gravel free grams/cubiccentimeter
total bulk density grams/cubiccentimeter

Data Excerpt

sample_date species plot treatment location description system actual_top_depth_cm actual_bottom_depth_cm section_volume_cm_3 rocks_g bulk_density_gravel_free total_bulk_density
2020-10-28 Sorghum 102 B2 in row Fallow spring plowed A 50 94 2006.56 209.52 1.67 1.77
2020-10-29 Sorghum 108 B18 between rows Corn G 0 10 456.04 27.85 1.43 1.49
2020-10-29 Sorghum 108 B18 between rows Corn G 10 25 684.06 18.82 1.76 1.79
2020-10-29 Sorghum 108 B18 between rows Corn G 25 50 1140.09 81.57 1.66 1.73
2020-10-29 Sorghum 108 B18 between rows Corn G 50 83 1504.92 326.42 1.74 1.96
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