Spatial coordinates of LTAR sampling locations — LTAR Croplands Common Experiment

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Spatial coordinates of LTAR sampling locations

This datatable is part of the Spatial coordinates dataset. Spatial coordinates of LTAR experiments


Experiment: LTAR Croplands Common Experiment
Dataset: LTAR001
Datatable ID: LTAR-001.5
Repository link:
Last Updated 2022-06-29
Variate Description Units
easting meter
northing meter
distance from southwest plot corner

Data Excerpt

treatment replicate easting northing location_from_sw_corner
ASP1 3 633261.500734228 4695840.88538301 sampling_15mE_12mN
BAU2 3 633293.494914117 4695841.49567247 sampling_15mE_12mN
ASP2 3 633325.489094006 4695842.10596194 sampling_15mE_12mN
ASP6 3 633357.483273895 4695842.7162514 sampling_15mE_12mN
ASP4 4 633389.477453784 4695843.32654086 sampling_15mE_12mN
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