LTAR yield data

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Yield data from the KBS Long-term Agroecosystem Research

This datatable is part of the LTAR agronomic production datasets dataset. This dataset collects LTAR agronomic data


Experiment: LTAR Croplands Common Experiment
Data available from: August 2021 to December 2021
Dataset: LTAR002
Datatable ID: LTAR002-001.9
Core Areas Primary Production
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Last Updated 2022-05-05
Variate Description Units
field LTAR field or plot
start harvest date the first harvest date
end harvest date the last harvest date
treatment LTAR treatment
replicate replicate within a treatment
crop crop planted in a year
species scientific name of the crop
fraction harvested fraction
agronomic yield yield calculated on the basis of agronomic crop moisture (e.g. 15.5% for corn) bu/ac
dry matter yield yield calculated on the basis of actual crop moisture kg/ha
type LTAR plot, field or prairie strip

Data Excerpt

field start_harvest_date end_harvest_date treatment replicate crop species fraction agronomic_yield_bushel_acre dry_matter_yield_kg_ha type
127 2021-10-07 2021-10-07 ASP6 4 corn Zea mays L. (*) grain 245.483 13069.2 plot
128 2021-10-07 2021-10-07 ASP2 4 corn Zea mays L. (*) grain 251.326 13380.2 plot
129 2021-10-11 2021-10-11 ASP5 4 corn Zea mays L. (*) grain 249.521 13284.1 plot
130 2021-10-11 2021-10-11 ASP3 4 corn Zea mays L. (*) grain 240.153 12785.4 plot
131 2021-10-11 2021-10-11 BAU2 4 corn Zea mays L. (*) grain 246.036 13098.6 plot
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