LTAR Agronomic Field Log and Activity Reports

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This datatable is part of the LTAR experiment dataset. Baseline and general data for LTAR experiment


Experiment: LTAR Croplands Common Experiment
Dataset: LTAR004
Datatable ID: LTAR004-001.7
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Last Updated 2022-04-25
Variate Description Units
obs date date of observation
site sie
comment he observation or operation that was perfomed

Data Excerpt

obs_date site comment
2022-04-13 KBS Planted forage mixture in LTAR ASP5 treatment of ACSE experiment. Mixture included three varieties of alfalfa, two varieties of red clover, one variety of forage chicory, two varieties of Italian ryegrass and one variety of oats. Planted 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in 7.5 inch rows. Drill tube fell off in the middle of planting ASP5F1, so may have one row that didn't have good seed to soil contact for an unknown space.
2022-04-12 KBS Canola Planting
2022-04-11 KBS Planted soft white spring wheat in LTAR ACSE ASP3 fields and plots. Also included 5 gallons of 10-34-0 fertilizer in furrow. Planted 3/4" deep in 7.5 inch rows, no tilled. In field ASP3F1, the grain drill had a blockage in one of the seed tubes, which resulted in one row not planting for an unknown area. There were also two row units that planted too deep for part of the field - the depth control failed at some point during the course of planting the field. The wheat seed was treated with a fungicide.
2021-12-10 KBS Soil heath samples: 5 cores in row and 5 between row, 0-10 cm per station. 12/7/2021: field 30 12/9/2021: fields 38, 52 12/10/2021: fields 68, 71, 89-1, 89-2 12/13/2021: fields 80, 87 12/14/2021: fields 79-1, 79-2, 93, 94, 97
2021-12-02 KBS Flail mow corn stalks.
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