Above Ground Biomass - Annual Crops — LTAR Aspirational Cropping System Experiment (ACSE)

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Biomass of all annal crop treatments on the LTAR intensive plots and fields

This datatable is part of the KBS LTAR Annual Net Primary Productivity dataset.

This dataset contains the aboveground annual net primary production (ANPP) data. ANPP is measured at peak biomass for a given treatment.


Experiment: LTAR Aspirational Cropping System Experiment (ACSE)
Dataset: LTAR005
Datatable ID: LTAR005-001.7
Core Areas Primary Production
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
sample date date of sampling
location name sampled plot or field
treatment LTAR treatment
fraction fraction of sampled plant
biomass plant biomass in the sampled area
species plant species
planned or associated biodiversity planned crop or voluntary plants

Data Excerpt

sample_date location_name treatment replicate station fraction biomass_g_m2 comment species planned_or_associated_biodiversity
2021-09-29 101 ASP2 R1 1 grain 1508.4 Zea mays L. (*) planned
2021-10-05 131 BAU2 R4 1 grain 1310.1 Zea mays L. (*) planned
2021-10-05 132 ASP1 R4 1 grain 1604.8 Zea mays L. (*) planned
2021-09-29 101 ASP2 R1 2 grain 1661.8 Zea mays L. (*) planned
2021-09-29 102 BAU1 R1 2 grain 1301.3 Zea mays L. (*) planned
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