Switchgrass yields

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The interaction plots were converted to switchgrass in 2017. There was no harvest the first year (2017). Previous yields from these plots are in https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/datatables/664

This datatable is part of the Interactions Experiment dataset. Interactions experiment


Experiment: Interactions Experiment
Data available from: December 2018 to November 2019
Dataset: KBS127
Datatable ID: KBS127-006.58
Core Areas Primary Production
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Last Updated 2022-06-15
Variate Description Units
sample date harvest date
plot plot name
species species planted and harvested
yield metric tons ha dry matter yield in metric tons/ha tonne/hectare

Data Excerpt

sample_date ?column? species yield_metric_tons_ha
2018-12-19 INT16 Panicum virgatum L. 4.16951
2018-12-19 INT15 Panicum virgatum L. 5.67563
2018-12-19 INT14 Panicum virgatum L. 4.79364
2018-12-19 INT13 Panicum virgatum L. 3.81859
2018-12-19 INT12 Panicum virgatum L. 5.26524
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