Agronomic Yields from the Swtichgrass Treatment — Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)

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The T6 treatment was converted to switchgrass in 2018?. This table contains the annual crop yields from T6. Biomass is reported on a dry weight basis. There are two subplots ‘unfertilized microplot’ and ‘fertilized sample area’ established on the north end of each plot.

The moisture content on the microplots is determined at the time of harvest by taking a grab sample and drying it, while the moisture content for the main plots is determined when the switchgrass is baled (ie. after several days of drying in the field).

This datatable is part of the Agronomic Yields in Row Crop Agriculture dataset. This data set contains information about agronomic yields for the Main Cropping System Experiment which include treatments 1-4 (corn – wheat – soybean rotations) and after 1994 treatment 6 (alfalfa). Agronomic yields are measured during normal crop harvest; yields are determined by machine harvesters appropriate to each crop as described in the Agronomic protocol.


Experiment: Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE)
Data available from: August 2021
Dataset: KBS020
Datatable ID: KBS020-006.69
Core Areas Primary Production
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Last Updated 2022-08-29
Variate Description Units
sample date the harvest date
treatment the treatment identifier
replicate the replicate
main or microplot the subplot
species the crop harvested
moisture fraction the moisture fraction of the plant or haylage (for the main plots, it is determined when baling the crop after several days of drying, for the microplots it is the moisture when the plant is cut) g/g
yield metric tons ha the dry biomass yield in metric tons per hectare tonne/hectare
Agronomic Yields

Data Excerpt

sample_date treatment replicate main_or_microplot species moisture_fraction yield_metric_tons_ha
2021-08-26 T6 R1 unfertilized_microplot Panicum virgatum L. 0.58 5.56
2021-08-26 T6 R2 unfertilized_microplot Panicum virgatum L. 0.568 6.25
2021-08-26 T6 R3 unfertilized_microplot Panicum virgatum L. 0.573 5.64
2021-08-26 T6 R4 unfertilized_microplot Panicum virgatum L. 0.569 6.31
2021-08-26 T6 R5 unfertilized_microplot Panicum virgatum L. 0.579 6.32
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