Agronomic Yields

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Corn grain yields from the European Corn Borer Study (retired in 2003).

This datatable is part of the European Corn Borer Study dataset. This dataset gives yields from the European Corn Borer Study.

The ECB study is a long-term study at the Main Site complex, in which the European Corn Borer is controlled by biological vs. chemical means. Three treatments include insecticide, biological control, and no control. Plots are 5 × 30 m replicated in 4 randomized blocks.


Experiment: European Corn Borer Experiment - LTER
Data available from: November 2001 to November 2004
Dataset: KBS034
Datatable ID: KBS034-001.25
Core Areas Primary Production,Disturbance
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Last Updated 2020-07-10
Variate Description Units
Date date plot was harvested
Plot experimental plot
Treatment treatment id (1=T1, 2=T2, 3=T3)
Crop crop that was grown
Yield bu A grain yield at 15% moisture in bushels per acre bu/ac
Yield kg ha grain yield at 15% moisture in kg per hectare kg/ha
Year crop year

Data Excerpt

date plot treatment crop yield_bu_a yield_kg_ha year
2004-11-10 301 1 Corn 117.2 7354.0 2004.0
2004-11-10 403 1 Corn 123.0 7717.0 2004.0
2004-11-10 101 1 Corn 101.9 6390.0 2004.0
2004-11-10 203 1 Corn 118.5 7438.0 2004.0
2004-11-10 103 2 Corn 124.9 7834.0 2004.0
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