GPS Coordinates (Expanded) — Research Context

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Additional fields given for GPS coordinates such as PDOP.

This datatable is part of the KBS LTER Global Positioning System Data dataset.

The KBS LTER uses submeter accuracy GPS to record many locations such as plot corners, gas flux chamber, leaf litter trap locations, soil water samplers (lysimeter), etc.


Experiment: Research Context
Dataset: KBS039
Datatable ID: KBS039-003.38
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Last Updated 2024-03-18
Variate Description Units
Treatment KBS LTER treatment code
Replicate KBS LTER replicate code
Feature Name The type of feature
Plot Treatment and Replicate combined in one field
FeatureDescription Specific information about the feature
Microplot A microplot name if applicable
GPS Date The date the point was recorded
Northing Zone 16N UTM reference of point (NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_16N)
Easting Zone 16N UTM reference of point (NAD_1983_UTM_Zone_16N)
NumberOfPoints The number of points averaged to make up the current point
CorrectionType The type of correction applied to the data (realtime, postprocessed or uncorrected)
Max PDOP The Maximum PDOP encountered while recording this point
Max HDOP The Maximum HDOP encountered while recording this point
ReceiverType The Name of the GPS receiver used
Update Status Whether the point is new or updated (Trimble info)
Datafile The original Trimble data filename
DataDictionary The name of the data dictionary used while recording the point
GPS Height The height of the point above mean sea level
VerticalPrecision One standard deviation around the vertical position
HorizontalPrecision One standard deviation around the horizontal position
StandardDeviation Standard deviation in all directions of the point
Comment Comment

Data Excerpt

treatment replicate featurename plot featuredescription microplot gps_date easting northing numberofpoints max_pdop max_hdop correctiontype recievertype updatestatus datafile datadictionary gps_height verticalprecision horizontalprecision standarddeviation comments
SF 3 entrance_exit to field SF3 entrance and exit 2004-03-31 631889.5 4696989.5 33 2.6 1.6 Realtime Corrected Pro XRS New TSF3_20040205.SSF TSF3_20040205 280.21 0.6 0.5 0.05
SF 2 entrance_exit to field SF2 entrance and exit 2004-04-29 632484.56 4696579.0 30 2.6 1.4 Realtime Corrected Pro XRS New TSFR2_20040429.SSF kbs lter 288.53 0.7 0.4 0.04
SF 1 entrance_exit to field SF1 entrance and exit 2004-04-29 631993.44 4695776.5 30 2.7 1.3 Realtime Corrected Pro XRS New TSFR1_20040429.SSF kbs lter 278.66 0.7 0.4 0.05
DF 3 entrance_exit to field DF3 entrance and exit 2004-04-28 632840.06 4696903.0 32 3.4 2.4 Realtime Corrected Pro XRS New TDFR3_20040428.SSF kbs lter 290.16 0.6 0.7 0.35
DF 2 entrance_exit to field DF2 entrance and exit 2004-04-21 631963.75 4696235.5 31 3.1 1.8 Realtime Corrected Pro XRS New TDFR2_20040421.SSF kbs lter 284.11 0.5 0.4 0.84
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