Airphoto Mission Summaries — Research Context

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Summarizes information of all KBS air photo missions.

This datatable is part of the Aerial Photographs of the KBS LTER and Environs dataset.

Aerial photography is considered an important management tool in agriculture. Aerial photography allows researchers to detect spatial variability and understand the causes of the variability such as planter skips, drought stress, weeds and water erosion. In agricultural research it allows researchers to differentiate healthy vegetation from unhealthy and access plant biomass and moisture levels. The photographs are also useful to document trends and changes in the landscape.


Experiment: Research Context
Data available from: January 1938 to January 2012
Dataset: KBS041
Datatable ID: KBS041-002.30
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Last Updated 2023-10-24
Variate Description Units
date date the images were taken
title informational name of the photo mission
scale scale or reolution of the image
photo type type of imagery
film or digital was photo taken with film or digital camera?
geographic extent description of the image area
comments specific information about data row

Data Excerpt

date title scale photo_type film_or_digital geographic_extent comments
20 March 1997 1997 High- Resolution Black & White 1:7,920 black and white film KBS & east to 45th Street, Lux Arbor Reserve & Kellogg Forest
1938, 1955, 1961 & 1967 Historic Photos; 4-Township Mosaics 1:20,000 black and white film KBS, Lux Arbor, Kellogg Forest and Surrounding Areas
Apr-79 1979 KBS Base Map Series 1:2,400 & 1:4,800 black and white film KBS - Ross Township, Sections 4-9, 21,22,27 and 28
1993-present KBS Annual Color Infrared 1:7,200 & 1:36,000 color infrared and true color film and digital KBS, Lux Arbor, Kellogg Forest, Marshall Farm KBS LTER main site is photographed every year in color infrared. Some of the areas listed in geographic extent are sampled occasionally and true color has not been taken every year. See for more information on this multi-year mission.
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