2006 All Scientist Poster Reception


  • Anderson, C.A., C. Wilson, L. Mohan, B. Covitt, K. Gunkel, B. Tsurusaki, A. S... Modernizing ecology content in the K-12 curriculum:Developing a learning progression for environmental science literacy abstract
  • Antonopoulos, D.A., K. Huizinga, and T.M. Schmidt. Linking thestructure and function of denitrifying communities in soil: Whatgroup of denitrifying bacteria is responsible for the rapidreduction of nitrate to nitrogen? abstract
  • Bird, G. W., J. Smith, M. Berney, and R. Gore Validation of the 2006 Michigan Nematode Community StructureStandard abstract
  • Bohm, S. and G.P. Robertson Near-continuous sampling of soil N2O emissions abstract
  • Breitenbach, S., A.S. Grandy, K. Huizinga, T. Schmidt, and G.P. Robertson Nitrifier and denitrifier responses to intense soildisturbance abstract
  • Brewer, M.J., T.Noma, M. Kaiser and S. Langley, Habitat affiliations: where are the aphid-specialistenemies of Aphis glycines, the invasivesoybean abstract
  • Burgin, A.J. and S.K. Hamilton Investigation of novel microbial processes for nitrogen removalfrom freshwaters abstract
  • Burgin, A.J. and S.K. Hamilton Investigation of novel microbial processes for nitrogenremoval from freshwaters abstract
  • Corbin, A.T., K.D. Thelen, R.H. Leep, and G.P. Robertson Weed seedbankresponses to two organically managed crop rotations abstract
  • Dazzo, F.B., G. Tang, G. Zhu, C. Gross, D. Nasr, C. Passmore, K. Kulek, E. Po... CMEIAS v3.0: Advanced image analysis software to strengthen microscopy-based approaches for understanding microbial ecology abstract
  • Gage, S.H. and W. Joo Quantifyingacoustic diversity and avian species occurrence in selectedhabitats at the KBS-LTER abstract
  • Gage, S.H., S. Biswas, W. Joo, T. Wu, and F. Yu. A sensor platform and local sensor server for capture andtransmission of acoustics and ancillary sensor observations toremote servers using wireless technology abstract
  • Grace, P.R., S.H. Gage, M. Colunga-Garcia, G.P. Robertson, and G.R. Safir. Maximizing net carbon sequestration in agroecosystems ofthe North Central Region abstract
  • Grandy, A.S., T.D. Loecke, S. Parr, and G.P. Robertson. Is carbon sequestration following no-till conversionassociated with changes in crop yields, nitrogen cycling and globalwarming potential? abstract
  • Hamilton, S.K., A.L. Kurzman, C. Arango, L. Jin, and G.P. Robertson Evidence for carbon sequestration by agriculturalliming abstract
  • Hao, X. Application of terrain attributes in predicting soilcarbon using CENTURY Model abstract
  • Huang, X., A. Kravchenko, k. Thelen, and G.P. Robertson. Effects of management on relationships between corn,wheat, and soybean grain yields and field topography abstract
  • Levine, U.Y. and T.M. Schmidt Methanotroph diversity correlates with rates of methaneconsumption abstract
  • Loecke, T.D. and G.P. Robertson Soil resource aggregation influences soil Ncycling abstract
  • Mahaney, W.M., K.A. Smemo, and K.L. Gross How can shifts in species composition influence ecosystemprocesses? Impacts of reestablishing C4 grasses intoold-field communities on C and N cycling abstract
  • McSwiney, C.P. and G.P. Robertson. Global warming impact of irrigated continuous cornfertilized at different N rates abstract
  • Ostrom, N.E., R.L. Sutka, A.S. Grandy, K.H. Huizinga, P.H. Ostrom, and G.P. R... Apportionment of nitrous oxide flux from a successionalMidwest grassland to denitrification and nitrification based onisotopomers abstract
  • Park, E.-J. and A.J.M. Smucker Spatial gradientsof microbial community and C dynamics within aggregates duringdrying/wetting cycles abstract
  • Parr, S. and G.P. Robertson Long-term trends in nitrate leaching across the KBS LTERtreatments abstract
  • Parshall, T. K-12 partnership for science literacy abstract
  • Peth, S., A.J.M. Smucker, and R. Horn. 3D visualization of pore geometries controlling soilwater, solute, and organism flux rates through soil volumes ofecosystems abstract
  • Quintanilla, M., A.J.M. Smucker, S. Gage, G. Bird. Acoustical properties of soil aggregates and compostassociated with alternative management and naturalecosystems abstract
  • Quintanilla, M., G. Bird, and S. Gage Temporal dynamics of acoustical signatures associatedwiht alternative management and natural ecosystems abstract
  • Seehaver, S., T.D. Loecke, and G.P. Robertson The saturation point Zea mays L. root proliferationacross a nitrogen fertilizer gradient abstract
  • Senthilkumar, S., A.N. Kravchenko, X. Huang, G.P. Robertson, and A.J.M. Smucker. Relationships between total soil carbon and local reliefunder different management systems abstract
  • Servilla, M., R. Butler, D.M. Freemon, and S.H. Gage Cyberinfrastructure for the analysis of acoustic sensordata: Illustrating LTER grid services abstract
  • Sippel, S.J. and G.P. Robertson KBS LTER aerial photography and imagerylibrary abstract
  • Smemo, K.A., G.P. Robertson, N.E. Ostrom, S. Bohm, M. Opdyke, and M.H. Ostrom Development of an automated chamber system for temporallyintegrated estimates of nitrous oxide flux from soil abstract
  • Smith, R.G., K.L. Gross, and G.P. Robertson. Cropping system diversity affects row cropyield abstract
  • Suwanwaree, P. and G.P. Robertson Methane oxidation in successional and agriculturaleconomics: Effects of nitrogen and soil disturbance abstract
  • Zhang, W. and S.M. Swinton Valuing ecosystem services from an intermediate productperspective abstract

Meeting held on: 2006-05-09

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