1996 All Scientist Meeting


  • Ambus, P. and G.P. Robertson Trace Gas Fluxes from Fertilized Forests and Successional Fields abstract
  • Asuming-Brempong, S., S.J. Flynn and J.M. Tiedje The Effect of 2,4-D on Microbial Community Structure in Various KBS Soils abstract
  • Bergsma, T.T. and G.P. Robertson Controls on the Mole Ratio of Nitrous Oxide Flux from Agricultural Soils abstract
  • Boles, J., G.P. Robertson, and L.O. Hedin Dissolved Organic Nitrogen as a Possible Vector for Nitrogen Loss abstract
  • Cavigelli, M. and G.P. Robertson The Functional Significance of Denitrifier Community Composition to Nitrous Oxide Production abstract
  • Cavigelli, M. and G.P. Robertson The Functional Significance of Denitrifier Community Composition to Nitrous Oxide Production abstract
  • Clark, M.S. and S. H. Gage Ground Beetles of the KBS LTER abstract
  • Colunga-Garcia, M. and S.H. Gage The Response of Predatory Insects to Landscape Structure abstract
  • Daroub, S. Changes in Inorganic and Organic Soil Phosphorus Fractions in the LTER Soils abstract
  • DeRoo, R. and M.C. Dobson Estimation of Near-Surface Soil Moisture under Vegetation Using Radar abstract
  • Foster, B.L. and K.L. Gross Woody Plant Recruitment Dynamics in Early Old Field Succession at the KBS LTER abstract
  • Gross, K.L. and L. Huberty Successional Dynamics and Responses to Nitrogen Enrichment in Old-Fields on the KBS LTER Site abstract
  • Halstead, S.J., G.P. Robertson, K.L. Gross, M. Halvorson, and R.R. Harwood Above-Ground Net Primary Production on the KBS LTER Site in 1995 abstract
  • Halvorson, M., R.R. Harwood, S.H. Halstead, and G.P. Robertson Agronomic Wheat and Alfalfa Yield Summaries for the KBS LTER Main Site in 1995 and an Agronomic Field Activities Report for Corn and Alfalfa in 1996 abstract
  • Hamilton, S.K. Nitrogen Uptake, Retention and Cycling in Stream Ecosystems abstract
  • Harris, C.K., E.A. Paul, and G.P. Robertson Socioeconomic Dimensions of Soil Carbon Dynamics abstract
  • Harris, D., T. Willson, E.A. Paul, G.P. Robertson, A.M. Smucker The Belowground Productivity (BGP) Project abstract
  • Kellndorfer, J.M., M.C. Dobson, and F.T. Ulaby Regional Stability of a Classifier Based on Existing Orbital Radar Imagery abstract
  • Klug, M.J. and H.P. Collins Comparison of Microbial Community Structure and function in Agricultural Ecosystems abstract
  • Kosola, K. and D. Dickmann The Physiological Responses of Poplar to Defoliation by Gypsy Moths abstract
  • Krievs, L. and S.H. Gage Spatial Data Resources at KBS abstract
  • Ostrom, P.H., M. Colunga, and S.H. Gage Establishing Pathways of Energy Flow for Insect Predators Using Stable Isotope Ratios: Field and Laboraory Evidence abstract
  • Ponciroli, G., S. Halstead, G.P. Robertson, and A. Smucker Effects of Agronomic Management on Soil Bulk Density abstract
  • Ponciroli, G., S. Halstead, H. Collins, and G.P. Robertson Agronomic Management and Soil Heterotrophic Activity as Assayed by Substrate Induced Respiration abstract
  • Rasse, D. and A.J.M. Smucker Soil organic Matter, Alfalfa Root and Shoot Decomposition, and Modifications of Mineral Nitrogen Fluxes abstract
  • Rettig, J.E., R.C. Fuller, A.L. Corbett, and T. Getty Fluctuating Asymmetry Indicqates Levels of Competition in an Even-Aged Poplar Clone abstract
  • Russell, C., E.A. Paul, G.P. Robertson, and D. Harris Nitrogen Cycling in Poplar Stands Defoliated by Gypsy Moths abstract
  • Santos, D. and A.J.M. Smucker Contributions of Root and Soil Organic Matter to Soil Aggregate Development and Stabilization abstract
  • Schulthess, U. and J.T. Ritchie Progress with the SALUS (Systems Approach to Land Use Sustainability) Simulation Model abstract
  • Tomecek, M.B. and G.P. Robertson Land Use History for the Kellogg Biological Station and the Surrounding Area abstract
  • Wright, C., E.A. Paul, and C.A. Reddy The Diversity of Soil Basidiomycetes abstract

Meeting held on: 1996-07-16

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