2007 All Scientist Poster Reception


  • Berro, A.M., D.A. Landis, M. Colunga-Garcia, and S.H. Gage Population trends and resource preferences of native and exotic coccinellidae in the KBS LTER abstract
  • Dazzo, F., J. Liu, G. Tang, G. Zhu, C. Gross, C. Reddy, C. Monosmith, M. Li, ... CMEIAS 3.0: Advanced Computational Tools of Image Analysis Software Designed to Strengthen Microscopy-Based Approaches for Understanding Microbial Ecology abstract
  • Hartley, L. and G.P. Robertson GK-12 at W.K. Kellogg Biological Station: Partnerships Promoting Ecological Literacy in K-12 Classrooms of Rural Michigan abstract
  • Joo, W., S.H. Gage, S. Biswas Quantifying Acoustic Diversity and Avian Species Occurrence in Selected Habitats at the KBS-LTER using Observations from Remote Wireless Sensor Platforms abstract
  • Levine, U.Y. and T. M. Schmidt Methanotroph Diversity Correlates with Rates of Methane Consumption abstract
  • Mahaney, W.M., K.A. Smemo, and K.L. Gross How can shifts in species composition influence ecosystem processes? Impacts of reestablishing C4 grasses into old-field communities on C and N cycling abstract
  • Parr, S.J., A.T. Corbin, and G.P. Robertson Fluxes of nitrous oxide and methane and soil carbon change in ten ecosystems along a management intensity gradient in SW Michigan abstract
  • Smemo, K. A. , G. P. Robertson , N. E. Ostrom , M. Opdyke, S. Bohm, and P. H.... An Automated Chamber System for Temporally Integrated Estimates of Nitrous Oxide Flux From Soil abstract
  • Smucker, A.J.M., S. Peth, p. Albee, R. Horn Visualization of 3D Pore Geometries within Soil Volumes abstract
  • Swinton, S.M., F. Lupi, G.P. Robertson AOC-Ecosystem Services from Low-input Cropping Systems: Incentives to Produce Them and Value of Consuming Them abstract
  • Wilke, B. J., S. Parr, C. McSwiney, S. S. Snapp, G. P. Robertson Nitrogen use efficiency along a long-term nutrient management gradient abstract
  • Zhang, W. and S.M. Swinton The Effect of Natural Enemies on Profit-Maximizing Pest Contro abstract

Meeting held on: 2007-05-14

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