2006 ASM at Estes Park

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  • Bahnmann, B. and R.G. Thorn Molecular analysis of basidiomycete diversity in agricultural soils abstract
  • Brewer, M.J. Habitat affinity presents opportunities and constraints for parasitoids and predatory flies to utilize an aphid invading the U.S. Midwest field crop system represented at the KBS LTER abstract
  • Burgin, A. and S.K. Hamilton Multiple pathways of nitrate removal in freshwater sediments: Implications for N removal by wetland, lake, and stream sediments abstract
  • Emery, S. and K.L. Gross Succession and restoration in Michigan old-field communities abstract
  • Grace, P.R., S.H. Gage, M. Colunga-Garcia, G.P. Robertson, and G.R. Safir Maximizing net carbon sequestration in agroecosystems of the North Central Region abstract
  • Grman, E. and T. Robinson Does soil N:P determine mycorrhizal response to N addition? abstract
  • Hao, X. Application of terrain attributes in predicting soil carbon using CENTURY Model abstract
  • Joo, W. Quantifying acoustic diversity and avian species occurrence in selected habitats at the KBS-LTER using observations from remote wireless sensor platforms abstract
  • Loecke, T.D. and G.P. Robertson Rhizosphere spatial distribution: Plant root proliferation into patches of varying quality abstract
  • Mahaney, W., K.A. Smemo, and K.L. Gross How can shifts in species composition influence ecosystem processes? Impacts of reestablishing C4 grasses into old-field communities on C and N cycling abstract
  • Opdyke, M., R. Sutka, N. Ostrom, P. Ostrom, and H. Gandhi Application of nitrous oxide isotopomers to identify microbial sources of soil fluxes abstract
  • Parr, S., G.P. Robertson, A.T. Corbin Trade-offs in ecosystem services along a management intensity gradient abstract
  • Smemo, K., G.P. robertson, N.E. Ostrom, S.Bohm, M. Opdyke, and P.H. Ostrom Development of an automated chamber system for temporally integrated estimates of nitrous oxide flux from soil abstract
  • Smith, R.G., F.D. Menalled, K.L. Gross, and G.P. Robertson Annual crop yield variability under alternative management systems abstract
  • Subramanian, S., A. Kravchenko, X. Hao Soil carbon sequestration as a function of initial carbon content in different crop management systems of a long-term experiment abstract
  • Vranic, B. Community structure of soil saprotrophic basidiomycetes in the Kellogg Biological Station in Michigan abstract
  • Wilke, B., S. Parr, C. McSwiney, S. Snapp,  and G.P. Robertson Nitrogen use efficiency in a long-term grain cropping experiment abstract
  • Zhang, W. and S.M. Swinton The effect of natural enemies on optimal pest control abstract

Meeting held on: 2006-09-01

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