2010 GLBRC Sustainability Retreat

February 10-12, 2010

The GLBRC Sustainability (Thrust 4) retreat was held on February 10-12, 2010 at the W.K. Kellogg Biological Station. The meeting provided an opportunity for researchers to share results, build collaborations, and influence the overall direction of sustainability research within the Center. The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 10 and adjourned at noon on Friday, February 12. An evening poster session was also included.

Download the Retreat Agenda or a summary of the Poster Abstracts


  • Bhardwaj, A.K., S.K. Hamilton and G.P. Robertson The blue, green and grey footprints of a green energy abstract
  • Cruse, M.J., B.E. Laube, and C.J. Kucharik Bioenergy Cropping Systems: Quantifying Carbon Sequestration Through the Measurement of CO2 Fluxes abstract
  • Diker, K., van Dam R.L., Bhardwaj A.K., Hamilton, S.K. Electrical resistivity measurements at GLBRC: instrumentation, data collection, and processing abstract
  • Garlock, R.J., B. Bals, V. Balan and B.E. Dale Potential for Biofuel and Animal Feed Production from Low-Input Mixed-Species Feedstocks with Comparison to Conventional Corn Stover abstract
  • Hunt, N.D., S.T. Gower, and S.D. Peckham Ecological Modeling of Biofuel Feedstock Crops abstract
  • James, L.K., S. M. Swinton, K.D. Thelen Cellulosic Feedstock Crops vs. Corn+Stover Systems abstract
  • Jasrotia,P., K. Kahmark, Sven Bohm, S.K. Hamilton, and G.P. Robertson Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Fluxes and Processes for newly converted biofuel landscapes abstract
  • Jesus, E. da C., Susilawati, E., Chai, B., Wang, Q., Rodrigues, J. L. M., Ti... Metagenomics of bacterial communities from the rhizosphere of switchgrass abstract
  • Meehan, T., B. Werling, M. Gardiner, H. Gaines, C. Gratton and D. Landis Biocontrol Services in Bioenergy Crops vary with Plant Perenniality and Diversity abstract
  • Meehan, T.D., A.H. Hurlbert, C. Gratton Bioenergy Crops and Breeding Bird Communities in the Upper Midwest abstract
  • Millar, N., I. Gelfand, K. Kahmark, S. Bohm and G. P. Robertson Nitrous Oxide and Methane Emissions from Bio–energy Cropping Systems During Two Establishment years abstract
  • Mukherjee, A., and J.M. Ane Improving the sustainability of bio-energy crops through symbiotic associations with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi abstract
  • Munoz, J.D., A. Kravchenko, and A. Finley Improving soil carbon mapping at field scale level by using NIR spectroscopy, topographical-derived parameters and aerial photographs abstract
  • Nikiema P. and D. Rothstein Initial effects of long-term pastureland conversion to hybrid poplar and willow bioenergy systems on N leaching and greenhouse gas emissions abstract
  • Peckham, S.D. and S.T. Gower Estimating the effects of timber and biomass harvest on local and regional forest carbon fluxes using an ecosystem process model abstract
  • Robertson, B.A., P. Doran, R. Robertson and D.A. Schemske Avian and arthropod diversity in Midwestern biofuel cropping systems abstract
  • Robinson, T.M.P. and K.L. Gross Summer Undergraduate Research Program at the Kellogg Biological Station : Ecosystem Services and Sustainability of Bio-energy Cropping Systems abstract
  • Schrotenboer, A.C., R. Goodwin, N. Batora, and C.M. Malmstrom Pathogen and Vector Interactions with Biofuel Crops: Investigating the Importance of Landscape Context abstract
  • Schwab, D.E., R.C. Izaurralde, W.B. McGill, J.R. Williams, E. Schmid Modeling Microbial Processes in EPIC to Estimate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Soils abstract
  • Scott D. Peckham and Stith T. Gower Estimating the effects of timber and biomass harvest on local and regional forest carbon fluxes using an ecosystem process model abstract
  • Smith, L. C., R.D. Jackson, J. Hedtcke, J. Posner , and T. Balser Should we fertilize perennial grass cropping systems for biomass production? abstract
  • Song, F., J. Zhao, and S.M. Swinton Switching to Perennial Energy Crops under Uncertainty and Irreversibility abstract
  • Teal, T.K., U. Levine, T.M. Schmidt The impact of microbial community diversity on the magnitude and stability of greenhouse gas fluxes in agricultural sites abstract
  • Utsumi, S.A., B. Racher, D. Borland, T. Booth, M. Bobo, S. Cox, R. Dunlap, A.... Use of direct and indirect estimates of crown dimensions to predict one seed juniper woody biomass yield for alternative energy uses abstract
  • Varaprasad, B., T.O. West, and R.C. Izaurralde Estimating Land-Use Change Impact Zones Surrounding Biorefinaries: A Geospatial Crop Rotation Analysis abstract
  • Wilske, B., J. Xie, T. Zenone, M.W. Deal, R. John, P. Jasrotia, K. Kahmark, S... Effects of land conversion on soybean photosynthesis, biometrics and crop yield abstract
  • Withers, K.K., and K.D. Thelen Enhancing Stand Establishment of Switchgrass Grown as a Bioenergy Feedstock abstract
  • Zenone T, Chen J, Wilske B, Deal M, Hamilton S, Jasrotia P, Kahmark K, Bo... Winter CO2 fluxes in agricultural crops of Midwest US: effect of land use change for new biofuel crops abstract

Meeting held on: 2010-02-10

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