2016 All Scientist Meeting and Investigators Field Tour

Ecological Research in Agricultural Landscapes: Synthesizing Big Data

This event combined the All Scientists Meeting (ASM) and Fall Investigators Field Tour into one gathering. It was held at the Kellogg Biological Station on Friday, September 16th and Saturday, September 17th. Nearly 60 Graduate Students, Post-docs, Staff, Technicians, and Faculty attended.



Keynote seminar
On Friday morning the Keynote address was given by MSU’s Pat Soranno.

Plenary session: New Directions in LTER VI
Following an Introduction to the LTER project given by:

KBS LTER Faculty provided updates and proposed future work on LTER research themes:

Field Presentations:
On Friday afternoon, Field and Science Tours presentations were given by graduate students and postdoc researchers at the LTER and GLBRC sites.

Poster session:
On Friday evening a poster reception was held. Poster presentations are detailed below.

Data Carpentry Workshop:
On Saturday morning, a Data Carpentry sampler workshop was well attended. This was created and presented by Christie Bahlai

Meeting held on: 2016-09-16

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