2004 All Scientist Meeting


  • Bird, G.W. Conceptual model of the role of soil fauna in nutrient mineralization abstract
  • Bird, G.W., R. Harwood, J. Sanchez, M. Berney, J. Smeenk, and J. Smith Role of nematodes in soil nutrient cycling abstract
  • Bohm, S. and G.P. Robertson Near-continuous sampling of soil N2O emissions abstract
  • Brewer, E.A., E.A. Paul, G.P. Robertson, and S.J. Morris Impacts of calcium and nitrogen on carbon stabilizationin afforested soils abstract
  • Burgin, A.J. and S.K. Hamilton Nitrogen-sulfur coupling in freshwater sediments:Implications for nitrate removal by wetlands, lakes, andstreams abstract
  • Costamagna, A. C. and D. A. Landis Relative impacts of natural enemy taxa on soybean aphidpopulation regulation abstract
  • Dazzo, F.B., J. Liu, A. Jain, A. Prabhu, C. Reddy, M. Wadekar, R. Peretz, R. ... CMEIAS V3.0: Advanced image analysis software to strengthen microscopy-based approaches for understanding microbial ecology abstract
  • Dopp, H.A., E.J. Park, F.B. Dazzo, A.J.M. Smucker Soil management modifications of bacterial morphotypediversity in soil aggregates abstract
  • Froning, B., K.D. Thelen, and D.H. Min. Carbon sequestration in a silage corn - soybean croppingsystem abstract
  • Gage, S.H. and B. Napoletano Ecological interpretation and assessment of ecosystemsusing environmental acoustic data and analysis abstract
  • Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, and C.H. McKeown Flow of predatory insects in an agricultural landscape: a14-year synthesis abstract
  • Gage, S.H. S. Roels, J. Qi, W. Joo, B. Napoletano Acoustic monitoring in Kellogg LTER: Treatmentsignatures abstract
  • Hamilton, S.K. and the multisite LINX team Lotic intersite nitrogen experiment II: rates andmechanisms of nitrate retention in streams from reaches tolandscapes abstract
  • Kaiser, M., T. Noma, and M. Brewer Native parasitoid and predatory fly natural enemies ofsoybean aphid abstract
  • Kravchenko, A.N., G.P. Robertson, K.D. Thelen, and R.R. Harwood. Spatial variability of crop yields in differentmanagement systems abstract
  • Landis, D., A. Costamagna, K. Thelen, C. DiFonzo, M. O'Neal Do predation and host plant quality interact to regulatesoybean aphid? abstract
  • Loecke, T. and G.P. Robertson Does soil resource spatial heterogeneity influence plantgrowth? abstract
  • Lynch, M.D. and R.G. Thorn. The effects of tillage on species richness andcomposition of soil basidiomycetes in agroecosystems abstract
  • McSwiney, C.P. and G.P. Robertson Soil oxygen concentrations across a topographicgradient abstract
  • Park, E.J.  and A.J.M. Smucker Macro-aggregate stabilization by wetting/drying cyclesand 13C-glucose abstract
  • Parr, S. and G.P. Robertson Early research on denitrification along a managementintensity gradient abstract
  • Reid, N. J. and S.K. Hamilton Biogeochemical impacts of major reservoirs on theKalamazoo river system abstract
  • Rollins, S.L., C.A. Parker, K.L. Gross and G.G. Mittelbach. Therelative importance of biodiversity in the stability of plantpopulations in successional communities abstract
  • Safir, G.R., S.H. Gage, M. Colunga-Garcia, P.R. Grace, H. Yang, A. Dobermann,... Organiccarbon and climate change on a regional scale abstract
  • Sippel, S. and G.P. Robertson GISdata available for the KBS LTER and environs abstract
  • Smith, R.G. and K. L. Gross Effectsof input system and crop rotation on weed community dynamics incorn abstract
  • Smucker, A.J.M., E.J. Park, R. Horn, and E. Jasinska Terrestrialcarbon sequestration by stable soilmacro-aggregates abstract
  • Sutka, R.L., J. Breznak, N.E. Ostrom, P.H. Ostrom, A.J. Pitt, and H. Gandhi Usingpure cultures to define the site preference of nitrous oxideproduced by microbial nitrification anddenitrification abstract
  • Sutka, R.L., N.E. Ostrom, A.S. Grandy, K.H. Huizinga, P.H. Ostrom, and G.P. R... ApportioningN2O production in the terrestrial environment usingisotopomers abstract

Meeting held on: 2004-10-08

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