2021 All Scientist Meeting and Investigators Field Tour

Meeting Agenda

Science Themes


  • Alice Puchalsky and Nick Haddad Caterpillar-parasitoid networks in prairie strips abstract
  • Andrew Curtright Land use and carbon substrate identity drive differences in denitrification and N2O reduction in agricultural soils abstract
  • Annabelle McCarthy, Lindsey Kemmerling, Nick Haddad Intensity of Agricultural Management Impacts Butterfly Populations abstract
  • Ceco Maples, Corinn Rutkoski and Dr. Sarah Evans Effects of prairie strips on permanganate oxidizable carbon abstract
  • Cheyenne Lei (1,2,3), Jiquan Chen (1,2,3), G. Philip Robertson (2,4,5) Global warming impacts of converting forest into bioenergy croplands - Case study at the Kellogg Biological Station abstract
  • Cynthia Fiser, Doug Landis Title: Ground Beetle Communities within KBS LTER Prairie Strips and Surrounding Row Crop abstract
  • Grant Falvo (1), Carmella Vizza (1, 2), Sarah Roley (2), G. Philip Robertson (1) Soil-climate feedback loops identified between precipitation variability and soil N2O and CH4 fluxes in switchgrass abstract
  • Jen Zavalnitskaya and Zsofia Szendrei Does insect herbivore community composition differ in the presence of prairie strips? abstract
  • Kara Dobson, Mark Hammond, Phoebe Zarnetske Warming and drought effects on volatile emissions of Solidago canadensis abstract
  • Luwen Wan, Anthony D. Kendall, David W. Hyndman Mapping Agricultural Tile Drainage across the US Midwest using Satellite Imagery and Random Forest Machine Learning abstract
  • Madaris C. Serrano Perez, Jennifer M. Jones & Sarah Evans Influence of fungicide and nematicide on plant responses to drought and rainfall variability abstract
  • Mir Zaman Hussain (1,2), Stephen K. Hamilton (1,2,3,4) and G. Philip Robertso... Quantifying phosphorus budgets of corn-soybean-wheat rotation under tilled and no-till agriculture abstract
  • Moriah Young, Mark Hammond, Phoebe Zarnetske‚Äč Climate warming and drought effects on Melanoplus femurrubrum preferences in Solidago canadensis abstract
  • Natalie Loduca and Scott Swinton What Factors Drive Whether and How Farmers Adapt to Climate Change? abstract
  • Nathan Haan, Doug Landis Biodiversity profiles for ten bioenergy cropping systems abstract
  • Yahn-Jauh Su (1), Michael Abraha (2), Jiquan Chen (2), Stephen Hamilton(1) & ... Carbon dynamics in biofuel cropping ecosystems after land use conversion: An application of time-series analysis and press-pulse model abstract
  • Yuqian Zhang and Jianguo (Jack) Liu Biofuel Impact on Life on Land: Sustainable Development Goal 15 abstract

Meeting held on: 2021-09-23

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