2002 All Scientist Meeting


  • Colunga-Garcia, M., M.S. Clark, and S.H. Gage Response of Plant and Ground Dwelling Arthropods toHabitats and Management in a Diversified Landscape abstract
  • Emery, S.M. and K.L. Gross. Relationships Between PlantDiversity, Productivity, and Invasion Dynamics ThroughTime abstract
  • Fortuna, A, T. Freitag, J.I. Prosser, and E.A. Paul TheEffect of Long-term Application of Compost on Microbial Diversity in Ammonia Oxidizer Communities abstract
  • Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, G.R. Safir, J.J. Helly, and A. Momin A Structural Design for Management and Visualization ofInformation from a Crop Simulation Model Applied to a RegionalScale abstract
  • Geason, L.A. and C.K. Harris Stakeholders’Perceptions of the Environmental Impacts of Agricultural ManagementPractices and Techniques abstract
  • Grandy, A.S. and G.P. Robertson SoilAggregation and Organic Matter Quality Effects on CarbonMineralization abstract
  • Hamilton, S.K., G.P. Robertson, and A.L. Kurzman The Fateof Agricultural “Lime” Amendments: Implications forTerrestrial Carbon Sequestration abstract
  • Kilgore, J.S., A.T. Corbin, K.L. Gross Development of StandardMethods to Accurately Estimate ANPP in Forests abstract
  • Marchbanks, S.A., M. Colunga-Garcia, and S.H. Gage. Long-term Flow Patterns of the Twelve-spotted Ladybeetlein an Agricultural Landscape abstract
  • McKeown, C.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, and S.H. Gage Habitat Preference of the Dominant Members of the Coccinellid Complex in an Agricultural Landscape abstract
  • McSwiney, C.P. and G.P. Robertson Threshold Responses ofN2O Flux and Available NO3- andNH4+ to Added N in Intensively ManagedEcosystems abstract
  • Morris, S.J., S. Haile-Mariam, E.A. Paul, and G.P. Robertson TheEffects of Agricultural Management Practices on Soil Organic CPools and Fluxes abstract
  • Park, E.J. and A.J.M. Smucker ShortTerm Respiration and Hydraulic Properties of Soil Aggregates fromConventionally Tilled and No-TilledAgroecosystems abstract
  • Pitt, A.J., R.L. Sutka, N.E. Ostrom, P.H. Ostrom, H. Gandhi, T.T. Bergsma, an... Isotopomer Site Preference Associated with Nitrous Oxide Production and Consumption During Nitrification and Denitrification abstract
  • Reddy, C., F-I. Liu, J. Zurdo, and F. B. Dazzo A New CMEIAS Color Recognition Program for Digital MicrobialEcology abstract
  • Reddy, C., J. Liu, M. Wadekar, A. Prabhu, D. Trione, E. Marshall, J. Zurdo, F... New Features of CMEIAS Innovative Software for Computer-Assisted Microscopy of Microorganisms and their Ecology abstract
  • Rudy, A. and B. Thomas The Impact of Changes in Cultivation Patterns and VarietySelection on Western Corn Rootworm abstract
  • Safir,G.R., M. Colunga-Garcia, S.H. Gage, and Y. Johnson. Simulation of Corn Yields in the Upper Midwest RegionUsing a Modeling Application System IntegrativeFramework abstract
  • Smith, R.G., K.L. Gross, and R.R. Harwood Belowand Above-ground Weed Community Response to a Long-term Managementand Rotation Experiment abstract
  • Smucker, A.J.M. and E.J. Park ComputerMicrotomographic Evaluations of Intra-aggregatePorosites abstract
  • South, S. and J. Qi Impactof Agricultural Land Use on Carbon Sequestration abstract
  • Tank, J.L. and S.K. Hamilton The Cross-site LINX Study: Nitrogen Cycling in Streams of DiverseBiomes Across North America abstract
  • Thomas, B., A. Rudy, and C. Harris The Influence of Pluriactivity, Family Farming, and Concentration of Capital on Farm Size Distribution in Southwest Michigan abstract
  • Whitmire, S.L. and S.K. Hamilton Anaerobic MicrobialDecomposition in Wetlands with Different WaterSources abstract

Meeting held on: 2002-10-04

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