2001 Campus Symposium

Symposium in Celebration of the First 12 years of Long-Term Ecological Research at MSU and in Honor of the Contributions of Eldor A.Paul and Richard R. Harwood


  • Batra, P., G. Ponciroli, K.L. Gross, S.H. Gage, M. Colunga-Garcia, C. Baker, ... Biocollections: Documenting Common Plants and Insects on theLTER abstract
  • Berney, M., G.Bird, and R.R. Harwood Seasonal changes in nematode community structure of selectedtreatments of the LTER abstract
  • Bird, G., C. Edson, J. Scringer, J. Sanchez, A. Middleton, T. Willson, J. Nug... Influence of cherry orchard management systems on nematodecommunity structure abstract
  • Boles, J.C. and G.P. Robertson Leaching of dissolved organic nitrogen and nitratefrom agricultural and successional systems with differing land useintensities abstract
  • Chval,M., G. Bird, M. Berney, and G. Garrity Occurrence of Pasteuria spp. (Prokaryota) inlong term ecology research site soil in 2000 abstract
  • Colunga-Garcia, M. and S.H. Gage Speciesassemblages of predatory coccinellids in perennial plantations andearly successional abstract
  • Colunga-Garcia, M.and S.H. Gage Arrival, establishment, and habitat use of themulticolored Asian ladybeetle in a Michiganlandscape abstract
  • Colunga-Garcia, M., M.S. Clark, and S.H. Gage Response of plant and ground dwelling arthropods tohabitats and management in a diversifiedlandscape abstract
  • Corbin, A.T., G.R. Ponciroli, and G.P. Robertson Patterns of productivity: an explicit comparison of annual and perennial crops vs. native ecosystems abstract
  • Dauer, J., T. Fox and F. Menalled Carabid beetle communities and post-dispersal weed seedpredation in three agricultural systems abstract
  • Dell, C.J., A.J.M. Smucker, and E.A. Paul Mineralization of C sequesteredwithin concentric layers of soil aggregates abstract
  • Fortuna, A.M., E.A. Paul, and R.R. Harwood Management of cropping system and compost additions for enhancednitrogen availability and carbon sequestration abstract
  • Kavdir, Y. and A.J.M. Smucker Nitrogenretention by rye cover and utilization by corn abstract
  • Kilgore, J.S., A.T. Corbin, and K.L. Gross Development of standard methods to accurately estimate ANPP inforests abstract
  • Knezek, B.D., L.W. Jacobs, and B.A. Bricker Crop rotation impacts on extractable soil nutrient levels abstract
  • Kulacki, K., S.K. Hamilton, and M.J. Klug Nutrient Transport through the Augusta Creek Watershed duringlate winter flood events abstract
  • Qi, J, S. South, and D. Skole Scaling up LTER measurements to local and regional scales withremote sensing abstract
  • Vanderpool, C.K., M. Rao, T. Yamaguchi, E. Wolff, C. Harris, L. Geason, and M... Transition to the urban corridor: demographic transformations in Southwestern Michigan abstract
  • Whitmire, S.L. and S.K. Hamilton Biogeochemical functions of wetlands across a hydrological gradient abstract

Meeting held on: 2001-04-19

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