2003 ASM in Seattle

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  • Bohm, S. and G.P. Robertson Near-continuous sampling of soil N2O emissions abstract
  • Corbin, A.T., T.T. Bergsma, G.P. Robertson, K.L. Gross, R.R. Harwood Productivity across the landscape:a comparison of row crops to a successional forest gradient abstract
  • Dopp, H.A., E.J. Park, and A.J.M. Smucker Influence of soil management onbacterial morphotype diversity in soil aggregates abstract
  • Eichorst, S.A., B.S. Stevenson, C.D. Engles, J.A. Breznak, and T.M. Schmidt Methanol-induced shifts inacidobacterial diversity and isolation of a novel acidobacteriumfrom soil abstract
  • Emery, S. and K.L. Gross Relationships between speciesrichness, community evenness, and invasibility through time inMichigan successional old fields abstract
  • Gage, S.H. and B.M. Napoletano Ecological interpretation andassessment of ecosystems using environmental acoustic data andanalysis abstract
  • Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, and C.H. McKeown Flow of predatory insects in anagricultural landscape: a 14-year synthesis abstract
  • Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, G.R. Safir, J. Qi, and A.H. Prasla Development of a simulationenvironment for the management and visualization of informationfrom simulation models applied to a regionalscale abstract
  • Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, G.R. Safir, S.J. DelGrosso, and P.R. Grace Characterization of regional cropdynamics using a modeling framework for management andvisualization of information abstract
  • Green, G.M. and T. Parshall Long-term ecosystem education through the Kellogg Biological Station's K-12 Partnership for Science Literacy abstract
  • Huizinga, K., J.L. Rodriguez, B.P. Keough, J.A. Breznak, and T.M. Schmidt A strategy for determiing the physiological potential of uncultivated soil bacteria abstract
  • Landis, D., A. Costamagna, K. Thelen, C. DiFonzo, M. O'Neal Do predation and host plant quality interact to regulate soybean aphid? abstract
  • Loecke, T. and G.P. Robertson Plant species influence on N<sub>2</sub>O and NOx gas emissions from soils abstract
  • Lynch, M. and R.G. Thorn Effects of tillage on species richness and composition of soil basidiomycetes in agroecosystems abstract
  • McKeown, C.H., M. Colunga-Garcia, and S.H. Gage Response of coccinellids to the presence of the exotic soybean aphid (Aphisglycines) abstract
  • McSwiney, C. and G.P. Robertson Crop uptake, nitrification, and denitrification in a continuous corn agroecosystem abstract
  • Ostrom, N.E., A.J. Pitt, R. Sutka, P.H. Ostrom, T.T. Bergsma, H. Gandhi, M. J... Evaluation of therelative importance of nitrification and denitrification in nitrousoxide production: application of isotopomers abstract
  • Park, E.J. and A.J.M. Smucker Carbon sequestration bymacro-aggregates from agricultural ecosystems abstract
  • Park, E.J., H.A. Dopp, and A.J.M. Smucker Biogeochemical processesstabilizing soil aggregates from agriculturalecosystems abstract
  • Reid, N. and S.K. Hamilton Biogeochemical impacts of major reservoirs on theKalamazoo River system abstract
  • Sippel, S. and G.P. Robertson Building a GIS of the KelloggBiological Station LTER site abstract
  • Smith, R.G. and K.L. Gross Effects of cropping systemdiversity on weed communities in a row-crop diversity experiment atthe KBS LTER abstract

Meeting held on: 2003-09-18

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