2000 ASM at Snowbird

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  • Bergsma, T.T., N.E. Ostrom and G.P. Robertson Nitrous Oxide Mole Ratio During Denitrification inSoil: Evidence for an Interaction of Ecosystem and RecentMoisture History abstract
  • Blackwood, C.B., A.J.M. Smucker, and E.A. Paul SoilPhysical Fractions as Unique Habitats for Bacteria abstract
  • Bohm, S., G.P. Robertson, and E.A. Paul SoilHeterogeneity of C and 13C abstract
  • Broughton, L.C. and K.L. Gross The Roleof Plant Species in the Structure and Function of Soil MicrobialCommunities:  An Experimental Evaluation abstract
  • Broughton, L.C., K.L. Gross, and A. Hector LinkingDiversity in Plant Communities to Soil Microbial Communities andProcesses: An Experimental Evaluation from the BIODEPTH Experimentat Silwood Park, England abstract
  • Colunga-Garcia, M. and S.H. Gage Patternsof Abundance of Insect Predators in a Diversified AgriculturalLandscape: A 12-year Synthesis in the KBS-LTER abstract
  • Corbin, A.T., G.R. Ponciroli, and G.P. Robertson Patternsof Productivity: An Explicit Comparison of Annual and PerennialCrops vs. Native Ecosystems abstract
  • Dyer, L. and G.P. Robertson Integrating LTER Research into EcosystemManagement abstract
  • Fortuna, A.M., E.A. Paul, and R.R. Harwood The Effect of Compost and Crop Diversity on Nutrient Availability and Potential Carbon Sequestration abstract
  • Gage, S.H., M. Colunga-G, J. Helly, and G.R. Safir RegionalPatterns of Maize Productivity in the North Central Region and theDevelopment of a Framework for Modeling abstract
  • Gage, S.H., S.A. Isard, and M. Colunga-G Ecological Scaling of Aerobiological DispersalProcesses abstract
  • Geason, L.A., C.K. Harris, C.K. Vanderpool,  AConceptual Model of Sustainability for MidwestFarmers abstract
  • Harris, C.K. and L. Bohannan SoilManagement and Farmers' Understandings of AgroecologicalProcesses abstract
  • Kosola, K.R., D. Parry, C.A. Russell, D.I. Dickmann, D.A. Herms, J.M. Scriber... GypsyMoth Defoliation of Hybrid Poplar:  Linking Trees, Herbivores,and Nitrogen Cycling abstract
  • Liu, J., F-I Liu, E. Marshall, and F.B. Dazzo CMEIASã Software for Computer-Assisted Microscopy ofMicrobial Communities abstract
  • Matson, P.A. and G.P. Robertson Biogeochemical Processes in Agricultural Ecosystems: Discoveries of Fundamental Significance from AgriculturalSettings abstract
  • McSwiney, C.P., H.A. Collins, G.P. Robertson Can WeMediate N2O Fluxes in Managed Ecosystems by ManipulatingOrganic Matter Inputs? abstract
  • Morris, S.J., Bohm, S., Paul, E. A. and Robertson, G. P. Soil Cand N Sequestration in Intensive Agriculture abstract
  • Raikow, D.F. Competition for Food Between Zebra Mussels and Larval Bluegill abstract
  • Robertson, G.P., E.A. Paul, and R.R. Harwood NitrousOxide Production, Methane Oxidation, and Soil Carbon Sequestrationin Intensive Agriculture:   Composite Effects on theAtmosphere's Global Warming Potential abstract
  • Six, J., S.J. Morris, K. Paustian, and E.A. Paul Effectof Afforestation on Aggregation and Particulate Organic MatterCarbon abstract
  • Smucker,A.J.M., C. Dell, Y. Kavedir, and D. Santos Sequestration of C and N Within Concentric Layers of SoilAggregates abstract
  • Thobaben, E.T. and S.K. Hamilton WetlandWater Level Dynamics Associated with Recent Drought Conditions inSouthwestern Michigan abstract
  • Vanderpool, C.K., C.K. Harris, L. Bohannan, L. Geason, T. Yamaguchi, E. Wollf HumanDimensions of Long Term Ecological Research onAgroecosystems abstract
  • Vanderpool, C.K., T. Yamaguchi, E. Wolff, C. Harris, L. Bohannan, L.A. Geason Transition to the Urban Corridor:  DemographicTransformations in Southwestern Michigan abstract

Meeting held on: 2000-08-02

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