1999 All Scientist Meeting


  • Bergsma, T.T. Dynamics of Nitrogenous Gases in Agricultural and Forest Soils abstract
  • Berney, M.F., G.W.Bird, and W.L.Goodfriend Impact of an Introduced C4 Plant On the Nematode Community Structure of Three "Old Field" Communities abstract
  • Bird, G.W. Patterns Of Enterprise, Ecosystem And Nematode Community Quality abstract
  • Blackwood, C.B. and E. A. Paul Bacterial Communities of Physical Soil Fractions abstract
  • Boles, J.C. Leaching of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen and Nitrate from Agricultural and Successional Systems with Differing Land Use Intensities abstract
  • Colunga-Garcia, M. and S.H. Gage Management Implications for Predator Insects in Field Crop Ecosystems abstract
  • Daroub, S., B.G. Ellis, and G.P. Robertson Long-Term Cropping Effects on Soil Phosphorus abstract
  • Dazzo, F.B., M.J. Klug, E. Peters, M. Cole, J.M. Tiedje, S. Marsh, and G.P. R... Community Ecology of Pioneer Root-Colonizing Rhizobacteria abstract
  • Dell, C.J., Y. Kavdir, D. Santos, and A.J. M. Smucker Carbon Gradients Within Soil Aggregates of Agroecosystems abstract
  • Ezanno, A.F., R.R. Harwood, and E.A. Paul Designing an Agroecosystem to Efficiently Manage Soil N Pools for Agronomic and Environmental Benefit abstract
  • Gage, S.H., R. Waide, J.J. Helly An LTER Initiative to Facilitate Regionalization of Ecological Processes abstract
  • Goodfriend, W.L. and K.L. Gross Relationships Between Plant Community Composition and Soil Microbial Communities on the KBS LTER abstract
  • Gray, S. History of land Use in Western Michigan abstract
  • Halvorson, M. LTER Agronomic Grain Yield and GIS Yield Monitoring abstract
  • Hamilton, S.K. The Lotic Intersite Nitrogen Experiment: Progress Report for Eagle Creek abstract
  • Hammond, M., K. Tindall, and K.L. Gross Seed Bank Communities from Different Annual Communitieson the KBS LTER abstract
  • Harwood, R.R., D. Mutch, M.A. Cavigelli, J.C. Boles, and J. Sanchez The Use of Ecosystems Knowledge in Farmer Design of Crop Production Systems abstract
  • He, C. A Comparative Analysis of Net Radiation and Evapotranspiration in Cropped vs. Old Growth Communities abstract
  • Kavdir, Y. and A.J.M. Smucker Cover Crop Absorption and Deep Leeching Reductions of Soil N in Corn Agroecosystems abstract
  • Kosola, K.R., D.I. Dickmann, D. Parry, C. Easley, E. Duncan, C. Lynn, E.A. Paul Gypsy Moth Defoliation of Hybrid Poplar: Effects on Growth, Carbohydrates, and Root Demography abstract
  • Menalled, F. and K.L. Gross Effect of Agricultural Practices on Weed Community Dynamics abstract
  • Morris, S.J., S. Bohm, K. Paustian, E.T. Elliott, and E.A. Paul SOM dynamics and C sink Capacity of Soil: Afforestation and Implications for Global Change abstract
  • Ponciroli, G., K. Tindall, K.L. Gross KBS LTER BioCollection Project abstract
  • Qi, J. and D.L. Skole Remote Sensing and Biophysical Variables of Crops abstract
  • Vanderpool, C.K., C. Harris, T. Yamaguchi, E. Wolff Human Dimensions of Long Term Ecological Change abstract
  • Wright, C.A., C.A. Reddy, and E.A. Paul Basidiomycetes in Select KBS Soils abstract

Meeting held on: 1999-07-20

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