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In use from 2013-05-01


Starting in Fall 2012, cover crops are planted in treatments G2, G3, and G4 after harvest of the main crop. The cover crops are a mixture of rye and Austrian pea and they will be harvested in the spring (usually early May). Starting in Spring 2013, biomass samples will be collected from 3 stations within each main plot just prior to cover crop harvest.


At each sampling location, place a quadrat (0.5m x 2 m) so that the long side is perpendicular to the rows. Clip all aboveground biomass within the quadrat and place into paper bags. In the lab, separate into three species groups: rye (SECCE), Austrian pea (PISSA), and other (UNSRT). Dry at 60C for at least 48 hours and then record dry weight, along with date, field replicate, treatment, sampling station, and species code. After taking the dry weight, samples are ground for C:N analysis and for the archive.

Sampling Locations

Samples should be taken in reference to the sampling stations and that site should not overlap with the peak biomass samples taken later that year. Take samples according to table below.

Year All Plots
2013 2.5mN, 1.5mW
2014 2mS, 2mE
2015 2mS, 2mW
2016 2mN, 2mE
2017 2mN, 2mW
2018 2.5mS, 1.5mE


  1. quadrat
  2. paper bags
  3. drying oven
  4. plant grinder
  5. clippers
  6. meter stick
  7. data sheets
  8. labels and pens

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