KBS012: Soil Invertebrates



Sampling Frequency: Irregular

Soil macroinvertebrates are sampled on a seasonal basis corresponding to major activity periods; March, April and May, thereafter, intensity will decrease to bimonthly sampling through September. Macroinvertebrates will be collected with a 7.6 cm diameter soil corerdriven gently by hand to a depth of 20 cm. One core is taken at each of the 5 soil sampling stations per plot and all 5 cores are composited as one soil sample. Soil samples are removed from the coring device, placed in zip-lock bags and stored in coolers. Samples are then returned to the laboratory and stored at 40 °C. Macroinvertebrates are recovered from soil cores within 48 h of collection by elutriation. The soil-root washer (Gilson Hydropneumatic Elutriator) is utilized to suspend soil subsamples in a vortex of water and compressed air which floats off soil and suspended organics. Eluent from the elutriator is passed over a series of sieves which retains material greater than 300 m. This retained material is preserved in 90% ethanol. Invertebrates are then hand-sorted from the collected debris under a dissecting scope (25x), preserved in 75% ethanol and identified to the lowest practical taxon.