MCSE: Weather Station Sensors



Campbell Scientific sensors are connected to a CR10x datalogger, which takes readings every 10 seconds and stores hourly integrated values. Temperature is measured by a model 107 temperature probe, housed in a vented shield, at 3 meters. Wind speed is measured by a model 014A, wind direction by model 024A. The wind sensors are mounted at 10 meters. The HMP35C RH meter was replaced in October 2001 with HMP45C. The quantum sensor is model LI190S. The pyranometer is LI200S. Light and humidity sensors are mounted at 3 meters. Leaf wetness is measured at 1 meter above the ground. In 2006 the CR10x was replaced with a CR1000 datalogger. In 2010 the Belford rainfall gauge was replaced with a NOAH IV gauge.

See field logs for calibration dates, etc.


Date modified: Tuesday, Oct 24 2023



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