Soil Temperature: Onset Dataloggers




Dataloggers from the Onset computer corporation are used for remote soil temperature data collection. Dataloggers are housed in weather proof PVC tubing containers with an external thermistor installed vertically in the soil at a depth of 4.5 cm. The data is collected hourly and reported as a daily average.


  • StowAway XTI: Internal/External Temperature datalogger

  • HOBO: Internal/External Temperature datalogger

  • HOBO shuttle: Data transfer from multiple HOBO dataloggers to PC

  • TMC6-HA: External thermistor for HOBO dataloggers


  • 2 HOBO in Treatment 6 Replicate 2

  • 2 HOBO in Treatment 1 Replicate 2

  • 1 HOBO in Treatment 7 Replicate 3

  • 1 HOBO in Treatment DF Replicate 1



Sampling Frequency: Hourly

Soil temperature data is collected automatically using Campbell Scientific and Onset dataloggers . Soil temperature readings are collected at the LTER weather station using a CR10datalogger with cs107b temperature sensors . The sensors are placed horizontally at1, 4.5, and 11 cm below the surface under bare soil and alfalfa cover . Soil temperature within the plots and at remote locations are measured with Onset Stowaway and Hobo dataloggers using external sensors placed vertically at 4.5 cm from the surface .


Date modified: Tuesday, Oct 24 2023



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