KBS GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment II

The KBS GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment II was established in May 2021 at the GLBRC Intensive Field Site to examine the establishment potential, productivity, and feedstock quality of nine different switchgrass varieties, including three upland, three lowland, one coastal, and two hybrid varieties. The varieties were planted in a complete randomized block design arranged in 4 replicate blocks for a total of 9 varieties × 4 replicate blocks = 36 plots. Plots are 9.2 × 12.2 m (30 × 40’) and are equally divided lengthwise into nitrogen-fertilized and unfertilized split-plots (4.6 × 12.2 m each). Upland varieties are Blackwell, Cave-in-Rock, and Summer; lowland varieties are Alamo, Kanlow, and Cedar Creek (planted in 2022). The coastal variety is Timber, and hybrid varieties are Liberty (crossed upland-lowland), and Shawnee (modified upland).

This experiment is located just north of the original GLBRC Switchgrass Variety Experiment. Plots are managed following standard agronomic practices. Fertilization started in 2022 in the northern split-plot of each plot and at a rate of 56kg N/ha/y.