N Deposition Study

The Nitrogen Deposition Study is a long-term study, established in 2001, to examine the effects of increased nitrogen deposition on successional and forested communities. Nitrogen is applied to subplots at each of the three replicated sites of the Mid-Successional (SF), Coniferous (CF) and Deciduous Forest (DF) communities of the Main Cropping System Experiment (MCSE). Since 2009*, nitrogen has been applied at the following rates: 1F=1 gN/m2/y to a 10 x 10 m plot; 3F=3 gN/m2/y to a 2 x 2 m plot; and 10F (in DF only)=10 gN/m2/y to a 2 x 2 m plot. Nitrogen is added as an ammonium nitrate or urea solution which is applied in 3 doses during the growing season.

*Note that nitrogen was applied at ten times the current rate in 2001-2008. See Table KBS050-002 for specifics.