LTER Unmanaged ResearchIn addition to treatments on the main site experiment, the Main Cropping System Experiment also includes a set of 3 additional communities, each of which are replicated 3 times in the larger landscape. These include a set of three 40-60 year-old successional fields (SF; former agricultural fields), a set of three 40-60 year-old conifer plantations (CF), and a set of three late-successional deciduous forests (DF) that have never been cleared for agriculture (two have never been cut). All of these sites are within 3 km of the main experimental site on the same soil series.

Within each of these nine sites is a sampling area laid out in a manner similar to plots of the main experimental site. These individual plots can contain subplots established to address specific single-factor questions (e.g. +/- fertilizer), and each contains a permanent set of 5 sampling stations at which most within-plot sampling is performed.

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Planting Dates

  • CF1
  • CF2
  • CF3 – 4/1965