Field sites requiring Worker Protection Standard (WPS) training

MSU has implemented EPA rules about access to fields with pesticides applied within the last 30 days.

Fields with restricted access at the present time are listed here as well as on notification boards at locations given below.

LTER and GLBRC research sites that occasionally need pesticides and therefore have been identified as potentially requiring Pesticide Safety Training for Worker Protection Standards (WPS) are the LTER MCSE treatments T1, T2, T3, and T8; LTER Cellulosic Biodiversity treatments CE1 and CE2; LTER Resource Gradient all treatments; GLBRC BCSE treatments G1 and G2, and GLBRC Scale-up sites L1 and M1. If you intend to work at any of these sites you should be trained.

KBS locations of WPS notification boards and the primary contact person for each facility.

  • LTER and GLBRC. Farming Systems Center Shop and aglog online. Joe Simmons
  • Lux Arbor Reserve. Lux Arbor Shop on Norris Road. Mark Manuszak
  • Kellogg Farm Fields (including Marshall Farm). Kellogg Farm Shop Office. Brook Wilke
  • Farming Systems Center (FSC) Fields. Farming Systems Center Shop. Joshua Dykstra

Investigators must be at least 18 years old and training must be completed every 12 months. Investigators includes professors, student employees, farm managers, researchers, and volunteers. Training includes a ~40 minute video and follow up discussion of site specific information. Training is available on main campus and at KBS. For information on WPS training at KBS, please contact Stacey VanderWulp.

EPA Safety Training for Pesticide Workers and Handlers
Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative

If you have any further questions, please contact Nick Haddad, KBS LTER Principal Investigator.