Climate ChangeClimate Change

KBS researchers discovered and quantified how different crop management practices can interact to provide novel opportunities for greenhouse gas mitigation by agriculture. These discoveries inform agricultural greenhouse gas policies worldwide.  Learn More >>

Landscape DiversityLandscape Diversity

Agricultural researchers traditionally focus their studies at the field-level. By casting a wider net, KBS scientists have discovered how plant diversity in surrounding landscapes enhances habitat for predators of agricultural pests.  Learn More >>

Soil MicrobesSoil Microbes

Scientists found that soil microbial diversity is not much affected by land management, except for those groups of microbes involved in specific metabolic processes such as the production and consumption of the important greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide. Learn More >>

Clean WaterClean Water

Scientists traced the flow of nitrogen through agricultural landscapes and revealed how management can be tailored to minimize nitrogen pollution to ground water. They documented the importance of spring-fed wetlands and headwater streams in removing nitrogen.  Learn More >>

Soil CarbonSoil Carbon

Researchers collected samples to depths of three feet from plots that had been under different types of farm management for 12 years and discovered that surface soil carbon amounts were greater under no-till management compared to the traditional treatment.  Learn More >>