Research at the KBS LTER site is directed towards understanding ecological interactions underlying the productivity of both annual and perennial field crops. Our main research areas include agronomy, microbial ecology, plant dynamics, insect dynamics, biogeochemistry, regionalization, ecosystem services, and biofuels.

Our site is maintained as a national research facility available to all scientists with a legitimate research interest. To view a list of projects currently associated with the KBS LTER, CLICK HERE. There are a variety of ways to conduct KBS LTER-related research:

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Investigators using the KBS LTER site or samples or data from the site are obligated to acknowledge support from the NSF LTER Program. Suggested language for this acknowledgement can be found on our acknowledgements page.

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Opportunities for Graduate Students

Graduate student education and research experiences are an integral part of LTER activities. Please follow the link to find out more about opportunities and funding for graduate students.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Each year the KBS LTER program supports opportunities for undergraduates to become involved in research, education, and outreach.

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in one of the current areas of study by KBS LTER scientists and graduate students. In this program undergraduates carry out independent summer research projects with the help of mentor scientists. Please visit our job openings page for more information on summer research positions.

Thinking about applying to an REU position? Check out these blog posts from our former REUs!

The KBS LTER program hires communications and education student interns throughout the year. Visit our job openings page, subscribe to our RSS feeds, or connect with us in social media to stay updated as more opportunities arise.