In addition to conducting research, there are opportunities to collaborate with KBS LTER investigators. Contact Prof. Nick Haddad, KBS LTER Principal Investigator with specific inquiries. Subscribe to our RSS feeds or connect with us in social media to stay updated on collaboration opportunities.

KBS LTER Annual All Scientist Meetings

The KBS LTER Program hosts an annual All Scientists Meeting (ASM) at which LTER investigators present on-going research and discuss research findings. The aim of this meeting is to maximize exposure of participants to the breadth of research underway at the site, and to provide an opportunity to develop collaborations. Major elements typically include: project overview and status, plenary sessions, working group discussions, poster session and social time to meet others working on LTER research. For more details, please contact Prof. Nick Haddad, KBS LTER Principal Investigator.

Network LTER All Scientists Meetings

The Long-Term Ecological Research Network All Scientists Meeting is held every three years and brings together scientist, graduate students and other guests interested in long-term ecological research and the LTER program. The last meeting was held in Asilomar, California, from October 1-4, 2018.