Erin Schneider, farmer writer in residence at KBS.

The Artists-in-Residence program paves the way for LTER scientists and others in the KBS community to explore the intersection between art and science. We are excited to learn more from our artists and scientists as the KBS LTER explores options for creating a long-term program in art and science collaborations. This program is one of several art-science collaborations taking place across the LTER Network.

Our first-ever artist, a self-described “people, plants, and dirt-lover”, Erin Schneider, co-owner of Hilltop Community Farm in La Valle, Wisconsin. Erin visited KBS and worked with the community to examine the interstices between science, nature, and art through poetry. The culmination of her first week was a poetry workshop where Erin shared her work and invited others to do the same. On her following visit, she will help to organize the Allurement Salon, and evening showcasing the art and science from KBS to the broader community.

To read the poems by Erin, inspired by her visit to the LTER, visit her page here.

The interest and participation in the artists-in-resdience program motivated the publication of a Summer at KBS Anthology’, wherein students, staff, and researchers shared artwork and writings highlighting their scientific discoveries. Those who worked at KBS were invited to submit their pieces, inspired by their experiences that made a lasting impression on them. The anthology features poems, sketches, and writings inspired by events that took place in summer 2019.