Agriculture and Ecology Student Activity Trail – now open!

We have developed an on-site science activity for elementary students (grades 2 through 5) based on KBS LTER research. With guidance from a trained KBS volunteer, an interactive activity booklet leads students through a 1-mile nature trail at the W.K. Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, teaching them about agriculture, ecology, and the scientific method. Each of the 15 lessons meets Michigan’s teaching standards. Based on teacher input, we created an accompanying teacher’s guide with background information and additional activities for the classroom. The trail is open April 15 through November 1. To use the trail, classes MUST be accompanied by a trained KBS volunteer. Visit the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary’s website to schedule a field trip and find more information on group tours.

KBS K-12 Partnership for Science Literacy

For more than 12 years, we have hosted a long-term partnership among area science teachers, LTER scientists, and College of Education faculty to enhance the content and delivery of the Michigan K-12 science curriculum. The program promotes improved science teaching by providing teachers in-depth exposure to current topics in ecology together with training in inquiry-based science methods. For more information about this Partnership program, including access to K-12 science curriculum, please see the Kellogg Biological Website at http://www.kbs.msu.edu/education/k-12-partnership.

Data nuggets: exercises in evidence-based claims & graphing

K-12 Partnership graduate student fellows worked with partner teachers to create classroom activities (Data Nuggets) that give students practice interpreting quantitative information and making claims based on evidence. The questions posed to students are based on data collected by KBS LTER and other scientists. There are Data Nuggets available for students ranging from upper elementary to undergraduate levels; see https://lter.kbs.msu.edu/data/data-nuggets/.