Awards for Small Graduate Grants


      • Dustin Kincaid (KBS) – Revealing the biogeochemical importance of flocculent sediments in shallow aquatic ecosystems


      • Mitchell Roth (PSMS) – The soybean microbiome and correlations to Sudden Death Syndrome incidence
      • Bonnie McGill (KBS) – The missing carbon link: Are ag lime and groundwater irrigation sequestering carbon?


      • Erin Haramoto (Hort) – Measuring nitrogen loss in strip-tilled sweet corn with deep fertilizer banding
      • Kristi Gdanetz (PLP) – The wheat microbiome across different land management practices
      • Bonnie McGill (KBS) – Inorganic carbon weathering in an agroecosystem: fertilizer & groundwater
        irrigation effects


      • Kristi Gdanetz (PLP) – The wheat microbiome across different land management practices
      • Christina Leshko (SOC), Samantha Noll (PHL), Zachary Piso (PHL), and Ian Werkheiser (PHL) – Recognizing Value Pluralism among Ecosystem Services Experts and Public Stakeholders


      • Chris Wright (MMG) – OTU richness and functional potential of decomposer fungi in Michigan agricultural soils


      • Brad Gottshall (University of Louisville) – Effects of disturbance on mycorrhizal mutualisms, abundance and diversity in agroecosystems


      • Courtney Gallaher – Soil phosphorus availability


      • Barbara Bahnmann (University of Western Ontario) – Basidiomycete diversity in row-crop agriculture


      • Amy Burgin (ZOL) – Dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium in agriculturally influenced streams
      • Kristin Huizinga (MMG) – Do disturbance and productivity affect proteobacterial denitrifier diversity?
      • Wendy Mahaney (PBL) – How does the reestablishment of C4 grasses into C3-dominated old-fields affect belowground carbon and nitrogen cycling?
      • Uri Levine (MMG) – Characterization of metnanotroph populations
      • Terry Loecke (CSS) – The influence of residue aggreation on C and N cycling
      • Stefan Lupold (University of Sheffield, UK) – Sperm quality and reproductive success in redwinged blackbirds (agelaius phoeniceus)
      • Senthil Kumar Subramanian (CSS) – Spatial variability analysis of soil carbon in a perennial system (Populus sp.)


      • Stephanie Eichorst (MMG) – The ecological role of Acidobacterium in the soil environment


      • Adam Pitt (GLG) – Identification of N2O from soil denitrification using isotopomers
      • Lisa Geason (GLG) – Perceptions of agroecology and choice of soil management practices
      • Rich Smith (PBL) – Crop rotation and cover crops: Effects of increasing crop diversity on associated weed communities
      • Stuart Grandy (CSS) – Soil aggregation and ecosystem function
      • Stephen South (GEO) – Hyperspectral radiometric readings of agricultural crops (renewal)
      • Kristin Huizinga (MMG) – The ecology of Plantomycetales in soil agroecosystems


    • Charles McKeown (ENT)
      • Response of the Asian Ladybeetle, Harmonia axyridis to the presence of soybean aphid, Aphis glycines
      • Late season Coccinellid dispersion patterns and movement during harvest
    • Stephen South (GEO) – Hyperspectral radiometric readings of agricultural crops